Mallory Knox + Dead! + Judas @ Rebellion

Rebellion – 23/04/18

Starting off an amazing night at Rebellion, Manchester was the first support band Judas. They really got the crowd going and were always going to be a great way to open a gig, what with frontman John’s amazing vocals and the rest of the band’s energy on stage. They gave it their all to a packed out room full of happy people and what a brilliant start to the night, because as you know, it doesn’t usually get packed in a venue so early.

Judas consists of four members, John, James, Sam and Todd. After forming as an Indie Rock band in 2015, they haven’t stopped producing real, good quality music. ‘Sister’ and ‘Call Me’ being personal old favourites of mine, although the new stuff is just as good. ‘Call Me’ has a mellow start, building up to a fantastic chorus, the lyrics just perfect about being sat alone at home, waiting by the phone for a call, like a miserable and desperate lover. ‘Sister’ has one of those catchy choruses again, that you can really jump around to, again starting out quite mellow.

Their new single ‘Big Mouth’, is out now. This one is quite different to their older songs, with quite a heavy grunge style guitar, but still just as catchy.

As mentioned last night whilst talking to the band, if anyone were to be stuck in the desert, with miles and miles of sand all around you, Judas would be described as that cold, refreshing bottle of water to quench your musical thirst. They really are something, and very soon, I’m sure they will be filling out  even bigger venues. With their music compared with Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, U2 and Stereophonics; they create their own unique sound.

Judas have made some huge appearances, one being the Main Stage at Leeds Festival, and once again the boys will be starting their own UK tour in May 2018. The first one being 5th May 2018 at Sound City in Liverpool, travelling through most of the UK and finishing in Leicestershire on 4th August 2018 at the 110 Above Festival.

This is a band to look out for, if you haven’t seen them already.
Get your tickets at WEAREJUDAS.COM

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Dead! are four lads from London: Alex, Sam, Louis and Sam. The young and fresh band were the second support band and came on stage with attitude and didn’t mess about. They got stuck into a fully energetic set and the music was very grunge/indie with a lot of ‘attitude’ from the lead singer, which went down a treat with the fans. Hearing the songs ‘A Conversation With Concrete,’ ‘Petrol,‘ ‘Anesthetic’ and ‘Beautiful Broken Bones,’ you know it is going to be a different kettle of fish compared to other bands; and that’s what you get.

With over 13K followers on Facebook, you can tell that they are popular.
This is my first time of seeing the boys live on stage, and from what I saw, whilst taking photographs of them, I figure we have a lot of good music coming our way. Vibrant, a little eccentric, but fabulously different.

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Finally headliners Mallory Knox came onto the stage and the crowd just knew what to expect. Singing, hands in the air, really getting involved with every song they played from beginning to end. The rock club was now at full capacity. Starting off their set list with ‘Black Holes,’ they played thirteen songs in total, and ending with ‘Better Off Without You.‘ It seemed like the time being in Rebellion just slipped away through your fingertips.
The riffs, the melody, the hard drums and powerful sound…who couldn’t get involved?
With lead vocalist Mikey Chapman leaving the group back in February, bassist Sam Douglas took over as frontman, and evidently wowed the crowd.

Mallory Knox are a rock band from Cambridge, who were formed in 2009 and are playing at some big festivals in the coming months, and although they are relatively unknown outside of the rock community, the fans flocked down tonight to see them perform. For a band that has performed in both UK and America, they are on the way up and next time, I hope to see them at an even bigger venue.

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All photos are owned by Judie Tingle Photography

By Judie Tingle

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