Paris Releases Debut Album ‘One Night in Paris’

Paris is the new fresh artist on the block. Like I previously said, I got to know of him through Aubrie, Toopoor and Tyler Grosso (who is now his manager). I’ve been there from the start when he released his first song ‘Poe’d Up’ which is still one of my all time, good time songs. So to see him release his first album in such a short space of time and to be signed to 300 Entertainment is amazing.

The only song that we heard before the album dropped today was ‘Gone’ featuring another one of my favourite artists, Trippie Red. The album may have only eight tracks by tbh I prefer it, means I can focus on each song more. I’ve also noticed he likes to have shorter songs with a few longer ones here and there which I like.

My personal favourites on the album are: Nothing, Over and Outside. ‘Nothing‘ is reflecting on a relationship but instead of being very serious the beat is upbeat which makes you want to sing along and dance. ‘Over’ is about the ending of a relationship where the partner has cheated. This song is quite mellow and melancholy and has the potential to be quite a depressing song but he’s cleverly used an upbeat beat to make sure it’s still enjoyable. ‘Outside‘ is probably my absolute favourite. I like that almost all his songs start with a chorus which isn’t the traditional writing pattern for a song.

For a new artist I think it’s admirable that he only had two features on his album; this is something that more established artists will do. He does feature Trippie Red and Travis Barker.

Overall this is a very strong album especially for a first one. I think Paris has so much potential and I can’t wait to see him blossom. If you’re in the US catch him supporting Post Malone.

Stream One Night in Paris here:

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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