Hands Off Gretel ~ Milk

Hands off Gretel are the ‘It’ band of the moment. They are playing everywhere around the UK and Europe, and every release is received with acclaim. Such was the case for their latest full-length album, I Want the World, which came out in April 2019. Then you would ask, “Why is it that you’re talking about one song off it now?” I will tell you why, because it just got a video, and it is awesome.


ZICO ~ Any Song

This song has a lot of different meanings for me. Personally, it reminds me of a lot of the people I see in university; they end up blocking out a lot of their responsibilities with clubbing. But this is only a temporary solution to the downs in life.

EX-VÖID ~ Only One

‘Only One’ is the latest single by London based band Ex-Vöid. It was released in October 2019 with Prefect Records and Don Giovanni Records and comes with a music video which can be found on Prefect Records YouTube page. The band emerged from the remains of former group Joanna Gruesome and managed to conserve its indie punk sensibility in this new project that set off less than two years ago.

Jeffrey Martin ~ Build a home

His biography describes him as someone who “sought solitude as often as he could find it.” A man who “wrote most days like his life depended on it…” A man who now tours full time with a growing fan base taming his solitude sought after state. A man named Jeffrey Martin.