Bexey ~ Villain Tears

Bexey has been releasing music regularly since the end of 2017 and it's always been hit and miss with me; 'Letter to Peep' and 'Stay Alive' featuring Fat Nick have been my personal favourites. So when I was scrolling through Soundcloud and saw he'd put out a new song, I was interested to see whether [...]

Sisteray ~ Algorithm Prison

Sisteray are an exciting,  four piece band from London who burst onto the scene in 2016. The bands made up of: Niall, Dan, Mick and Callum. They've just released their first sing of 2018 'Algorithm Prison' which is available on YouTube and Soundcloud via another London upstart, Vallance Records. I've listened to all of their previous music [...]

Anne-Marie ~ 2002

'2002' is yet another great hit by Anne-Marie. This song was only released due to Ed Sheeran’s -who co wrote the song- constant trolling of her on Instagram. Despite her unwillingness to release the song, it’s already charted at number 15 in the Vodafone Top 40 charts. The song, which is similar to Anne-Marie’s previous [...]

Florence + The Machine ~ Sky Full of Song

Florence + The Machine are back and better than ever. They're due to release their album later this year and will be making several festival appearances this festival season. They're dropped their first single from the upcoming album entitled 'Sky Full of Song'. The video for the song is already available as well which is [...]

whoissmink ~ People You Love

This is very different from what I've heard so far from whoissmink. I do love his music but for some reason this song has connected with me on a level. The structure of the song is interesting as the introduction and outro is just instrumental but they are prolonged longer than most other songs intros [...]

Bones ~ Paris

Paris is an up and coming artist from LA. I first discovered who he was via Toopoor and Tyler Grosso as he's their friend. He released his first song 'Po'ed UP' which was my favourite song for a long long time. He's now released his third song 'Bones' yesterday. I'm sorry but I just have [...]

Jessie Reyez ~ Figures, a Reprise

If you haven't hear of Jessie Reyez yet you need to get to know. She has such a soulful voice and she's an absolute ray of sunshine. She'd already released the song 'Figures' but she decided to do a new version featuring Daniel Caesar. This song is very calming and chill but still has a [...]

CHVRCHES ~ Never Say Die

CHVRCHES have shared their third single 'Never Say Die' (NSD) from their upcoming third album 'Love Is Dead'. This is most definitely my favourite track so far from the album and is probably up their as my one of my favourites by them. This is a new type of sound from them as it's very [...]

cum or cry – Chelji

By Destiny Crawford-Corri A lot has happened since we last caught up with Chelji; she's been to LA and back to Glasgow recording new songs all the time. As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of chelji's and have been highly anticipating the release of new music. She released little snippets [...]