Fluffy Like We’re Feathery – 2019 Brow Trend

MUA - @nikki_makeup Brows have more or less always defined an era. Whether it's the doll-like definition from the 20s or the thin acuteness of the 90s, brow makeup is a beauty statement within itself. So it comes at no surprise that another year has brought upon another brow trend. The feathery brow was seen [...]


My Olympia Beauty Experience

Background: Olympia Beauty is a huge convention that’s been held for the past 14yrs. It brings big and small beauty brands together in one space for people to shop, seek beauty treatments and discover new companies. Going in I wanted to find lesser-known indie brands rather than reap the discounts at NYX Cosmetics. The Experience: [...]

The Lion, The Witch and Crow and Pebble

  ♦I first came across Crow and Pebble a couple months ago on Reddit when searching for small affordable indie beauty brands to support. I was so excited going on the website and seeing their fantasy themed style products inspired by, English Literature, History, Mythology and much more. Being someone who lives in their own [...]

Introduction To Illamasqua

Without a doubt we all have those things that resonate so much in us. Whether it’s a song, a book, a poem, a piece of clothing or just food itself. It’s the thing that you look at and see your name written all over it; it's as if it's been custom made for you. That [...]

We Good To Glo?

  Ok ladies it's Time to get "Summer Time Fine", There's a few new products I see creeping and a few are limited edition, so they won't be here to stay! 😿   MAC - Mirage Noir bronzer♦ Let's start with MAC! They've been given out a lot of new collections this year so it's [...]

Lily Hollingworth

I’m a 21-year-old makeup artist based in London. I graduated from The London School of Makeup in Shoreditch and since then I’ve been freelancing, working on a variety of different shoots and small films which has been such a great experience, particularly having a background in acting it’s been amazing to still be a part [...]

The Power Of Makeup

You may have read the title and thought, I've read and seen this all before, well you're not entirely wrong but in this article, I talk about the appeal of dark sultry makeup and what it does for us and how it transforms our aura. Why do women wear makeup? Smearing on powder or some [...]