The Lion, The Witch and Crow and Pebble

  ♦I first came across Crow and Pebble a couple months ago on Reddit when searching for small affordable indie beauty brands to support. I was so excited going on the website and seeing their fantasy themed style products inspired by, English Literature, History, Mythology and much more. Being someone who lives in their own [...]

Introduction To Illamasqua

Without a doubt we all have those things that resonate so much in us. Whether it’s a song, a book, a poem, a piece of clothing or just food itself. It’s the thing that you look at and see your name written all over it; it's as if it's been custom made for you. That [...]

We Good To Glo?

  Ok ladies it's Time to get "Summer Time Fine", There's a few new products I see creeping and a few are limited edition, so they won't be here to stay! 😿   MAC - Mirage Noir bronzer♦ Let's start with MAC! They've been given out a lot of new collections this year so it's [...]

Lily Hollingworth

I’m a 21-year-old makeup artist based in London. I graduated from The London School of Makeup in Shoreditch and since then I’ve been freelancing, working on a variety of different shoots and small films which has been such a great experience, particularly having a background in acting it’s been amazing to still be a part [...]

The Power Of Makeup

You may have read the title and thought, I've read and seen this all before, well you're not entirely wrong but in this article, I talk about the appeal of dark sultry makeup and what it does for us and how it transforms our aura. Why do women wear makeup? Smearing on powder or some [...]

My Skincare Routine

I've always had quite good skin but last year I was under a lot of stress which resulted in breaking out in little spots mainly on my forehead. I also have had a problem with blackheads which wasn't a recent issue but bothers me. So I decided I needed to sort out my skin as  [...]