The #ActivistBootcamp ~ Experimental Poem

It's an Instagram guide in five steps in the form of an experimental poem. The hashtags are included to represent people who want to become influencers but have no opinion and ride the wave and use hashtags. The numbers represent each section of the guide.

Meet George’s Opinion

After a long day of doing absolutely nothing, apart from drinking cava, I was scrolling through Instagram (IG) and came across Faron Alex-Paul (vigilante) post. He’d shared a post from George’s Opinion which was a spoken word IGTV on knife crime. WOW! JUST WOW! What an amazing, powerful piece, performed perfectly and the backdrop (the kitchen where a lot of people will steal kitchen knives from) was suited to the cause. I shared it on my IG story and he replied. I’m quite good at taking the plunge to collaborate with people, so I went for it. He was really nice and agreed.


A unique book, a new look. The purpose of this enterprise was a journey of discovery, to meet Jewish people of all colours, shapes, sizes and from all walks of life.

Diamonds Kitchen

Isn't it funny how things turn out sometimes? I'd recently joined Bumble (no not to date) to find new people to hang out with and create some business connections. Mel must've found me on there as she followed me on Instagram. I remember seeing one of her stories where she was eating seafood, which turned out to be The Seafood Boil courtesy of Diamonds Kitchen (DK). I'm always skeptical when people promote things on IG as they tend to have not even tried or been using what they're promoting. For some reason I knew this was a genuine brand and followed them; although I spent many an hour salivating over the food that they were putting up.

‘The Burning Tower’ ~ Review

As mentioned in my preview of the performance, Helena Thompson’s ‘The Burning Tower’ is an interactive play responding to the terrible fire of Grenfell Estate in 2017. However, what you discover as an audience member is that the play, and the gallery exhibition that follows, doesn’t just cover the Grenfell fire, but other public outrages such [...]