Exploitation of the Urban Yute Struggle: Puma x JD Sport’s Controversial “Crackhouse” Campaign

⊗Reader Advisory- Mature Content⊗ Leading brands Puma and JD Sports have come under harsh criticism over their most recent promotional campaign that is based around the theme of a "crackhouse part". This event was part of Puma’s #runthestreets campaign, with it’s setting being in the controversial "House of Hustle". Puma is an influential athleisure brand [...]

Antonio- The Deity of 70s Fashion

A Film Review of Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Drugs & Disco *Featured Image is property of Summitridge Pictures & RSJC ltd Walking into the auditorium, I did not know what to think. As per usual, I was one of a few brown faces amongst the crowd, quelle surprise. After a brisk caustic exchange with an ICA [...]

“A Girl And A Gun”- A Vaults Theatre Review

~The Vaults Theatre, Waterloo- 16th March 2018~ The premise is...."ALL YOU NEED TO MAKE A MOVIE IS ....A GIRL AND A GUN." The play is written and performed by Brazilian born Diplomat's daughter, Louise Orwin, who is an acclaimed researcher of the truth and is a surrealist theatre maker. The play begins with a male [...]

Here to be Heard ~ The Slits

I've never been to Regents Street Cinema before but let me tell you that venue is amazing, very majestic. I was really excited the see The Slits film 'Here to be Heard' as part of Sound Screen Music & Film Festival - they've been running a series of films from the 21st to 28th March. [...]

Brix & The Extricated

British post punk band Brix & The Extricated were formed in 2014 in Manchester by ex The Fall band members, Brix Smith Start (vocals/guitar) and Steve Hanley (bass guitar); the band also consists of Paul Hanley, Steve Trafford and Jason Brown. They're signed to Blang Records. The band formed just after Steve H's autobiography 'The [...]


I only found out on Wednesday about the Westwood film; our founder messaged me the details and I applied for press tickets not thinking I would get them. To my surprise we were lucky enough to get last minute tickets. We were greeted with a large glass of complementary red wine (my fave). The preview [...]


Today sees the return of Louise Orwin's "A Girl And A Gun" for a six performance run during the last week of The Vaults Festival in London. The hit show's premise is based on a quote from New Wave French director, Jean-Luc Godard who famously said about his films, "All I need is a girl and [...]

No Future ~ Q&A with Manon Williams

At Ragged CULT we are always looking for creative talent. So when we were presented with the chance to interview Manon - a creative, photographer, zine maker, exhibition curator, art school graduate and DJ - we were ecstatic.  Check out our interview with her below. Who is Manon Williams? "My name is Manon Williams and [...]

Doc’ n Roll Film Festival

2nd Edition Brighton: 18th - 28th January By Chenaii Crawford Corri Doc’n Roll Film Festival launched in 2014 and set out on a mission to show recognition to the under-the-radar music films that are largely ignored by risk-averse film programmers. Post-screening Q&As, DJ sets and live music themed on the films, all add to the [...]