Celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela with Colourful Radio DJs, poetry & Afro-Contemporary dance performances at The Africa Centre

On July 6th 'Reflection Route' launched its vibrant summer soirée series celebrating the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela. Even though the opening event has already happened, you can still catch the production at The British Museum on 21st July 2018 as part of the official 'Nelson Mandela 100 Centenary programme.' Reflection Route at The British Museum will feature [...]

Stormzy Gone Done It Again! Influential Grime Artist Opens Up Doors To Give Young Writers Irreplaceable Opportunities

The South London-born rapper has partnered with Penguin Random House (Penguin Books) to launch a new publishing imprint platform- Merky Books, allowing young creatives from under-privileged backgrounds to showcase their work. In an Instagram post Stormzy expressed how much this project means to him, mentioning that "reading and writing as a kid was integral to where [he] is [...]

The Invaders ~ Directed by Prichard Smith

'The Invaders' is a documentary film about a particular movement of young people fighting for civil rights in the late 60’s. This is an important story about what activism looks like. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'The Invaders' tells the story of how a civil rights radical youth group (called The Invaders) came to be and helped support the [...]

Find Your Passion; How I found My Inspiration

Have you ever stopped to think what your passion is in life? No, really. Have you ever, at some point in the day, switched off whatever device you’re procrastinating on and taken some time to wonder: what do I strive in…what drives me through life? Well, you might not have it figured out yet – [...]

Exploitation of the Urban Yute Struggle: Puma x JD Sport’s Controversial “Crackhouse” Campaign

⊗Reader Advisory- Mature Content⊗ Leading brands Puma and JD Sports have come under harsh criticism over their most recent promotional campaign that is based around the theme of a "crackhouse part". This event was part of Puma’s #runthestreets campaign, with it’s setting being in the controversial "House of Hustle". Puma is an influential athleisure brand [...]

Antonio- The Deity of 70s Fashion

A Film Review of Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Drugs & Disco *Featured Image is property of Summitridge Pictures & RSJC ltd Walking into the auditorium, I did not know what to think. As per usual, I was one of a few brown faces amongst the crowd, quelle surprise. After a brisk caustic exchange with an ICA [...]

“A Girl And A Gun”- A Vaults Theatre Review

~The Vaults Theatre, Waterloo- 16th March 2018~ The premise is...."ALL YOU NEED TO MAKE A MOVIE IS ....A GIRL AND A GUN." The play is written and performed by Brazilian born Diplomat's daughter, Louise Orwin, who is an acclaimed researcher of the truth and is a surrealist theatre maker. The play begins with a male [...]

Here to be Heard ~ The Slits

I've never been to Regents Street Cinema before but let me tell you that venue is amazing, very majestic. I was really excited the see The Slits film 'Here to be Heard' as part of Sound Screen Music & Film Festival - they've been running a series of films from the 21st to 28th March. [...]

Brix & The Extricated

British post punk band Brix & The Extricated were formed in 2014 in Manchester by ex The Fall band members, Brix Smith Start (vocals/guitar) and Steve Hanley (bass guitar); the band also consists of Paul Hanley, Steve Trafford and Jason Brown. They're signed to Blang Records. The band formed just after Steve H's autobiography 'The [...]