Messing With The Mind – My Experience of DBT

For anyone who doesn't know, I suffer from one of the most difficult and stigmatised personality disorders, BPD. I still haven't fully got my head around it but I'm getting there. However, there isn't a cure for BPD; there isn't a pill for us to take. They can give you tablets (although good luck with that because it's an absolute nightmare) for the symptoms you have but not the actual illness.


Is Jake Paul the end of Shane Dawson?

Well well well...I haven't done an opinion piece in a while, but I promised I would use this platform to share my opinions, stand up for what's right and inform people so here I am again 😳 As some people may know, Jake Paul is a problematic YouTuber who has his own collective called Team [...]

It’s Not Weird, It’s Just Goths of Colour.

@thekriture   I had the idea to do this when I was flicking through our explore page and came across @bbeetlejuiced's account. It was like entering a portal back to my yr8 days. I always get a warm feeling in my heart every time I come across a POC involved in the alt community. It's [...]

The Realities of Being a Black Alternative Model

Words By Yasmin Benoit (@theyasminbenoit) I had my eye on alternative modelling since I was about fifteen. It was the counter-cultural aspect of the industry that attracted me, how it seemed to celebrate different kinds of expression that were usually excluded from mainstream portrayals of beauty. And yet, I couldn't help but notice that the [...]

Dating After Rape

I cant believe I'm actually writing this piece as it's something that I never thought I'd do. I've been sexually assaulted a numerous times, had someone attempt to rape me and I've also been raped. I personally chose not to report any of these incidents as I don't think the police care and I don't [...]

Find Your Passion; How I found My Inspiration

Have you ever stopped to think what your passion is in life? No, really. Have you ever, at some point in the day, switched off whatever device you’re procrastinating on and taken some time to wonder: what do I strive in…what drives me through life? Well, you might not have it figured out yet – [...]

Up Close With Marilyn ~ Proud Central

Photography by Milton H. GreeneTo Proud Central for ‘Up Close With Marilyn,’ an exhibition of truly stunning, rare photographs by renowned photographer, Milton H Greene. Shot mainly in the years from 1953-1955, Greene captured Marilyn Monroe in fashion items and poses that showed off all her untouchable glamour, sultry beauty and vulnerable core. The ‘ballerina’ [...]

Eddie and the Hot Rods

Q Factory Amsterdam  To Amsterdam’s suburbs and the multi-resource centre named the Q Factory, for an evening on the famed Essex band’s latest tour. The black clad, box-like club draws a modest but enthusiastic crowd tonight, from as far afield as Berlin and London. The band’s career, dating back over forty years (with hiatus) to [...]