Header Photo by Chenaii Crawford Corri   I am ashamed to say I am a GFW virgin...well until 2 weeks ago I was. I'd always hear people hyping up GFW and never quite understood why- well until 2 weeks ago as well. It really is a portal where likewise creatives and emerging designers can come together [...]

Space Grunge- you WHAAAAT???

So what's all this 'Space Grunge' about then? Space grunge is in essence an amalgamation of flamboyant modern and OG 90s trends with a galactic based theme. Basically, think modern acid house. Originating in the early 2010s, Space Grunge was at it's peak during 2013-2016. Whilst still having a presence within the alternative community to [...]

Katharine Hamnett 2018 Collection + Talk

By Marilyn Virginia ‘In conversation with Sarah Mower’ renowned fashion critic and columnist for publications including American Vogue. The collection was staged in Liberty’s London, and will be on sale both in-store and on-line. Amounting to a retrospective men’s and woman’s collection of classic understated Hamnett looks, only working with organic Silks and Cottons, non [...]