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Introducing Kathy AKA KStyles Hair

I first came across K Styles Hair when I was looking for someone to do my hair – which btw is actually very difficult; why did no one tell me that. We all spend a lot of time complaining about the Instagram ads but for once I was actually very grateful and did me a huge solid. Having browsed over Kathy’s work it’s clear that she is not only talented but also passionate about her work as a hairdresser. Despite people saying to “never go with smaller/less known hairdressers,” I took the plunge – thank goodness I did. She was so lovely even though I had a million different questions and she was very accommodating and flexible. The style I chose was the leave out sew in method (see below for a picture of the finished product). It’s lasted me way longer than it ever has and this is probably the most compliments I’ve had about my hair in my life and for some reason the most confident appearance wise in a very long time.

Check out more information about KStyles below:

“My name is Kathy Iduma also known as KStyles. I have been doing hair since primary school, in the early 2000s messing around with my friends and practicing different styles and from then my passion was born. I launched my business in 2015 and was able to bring various different visions to life for my clients but in 2017 I stopped after the birth of my eldest daughter as motherhood took over; I lost the passion. Even though I took a break people would always tell me to bring back “KStyles” but this made me nervous to do so as I felt out of touch with all the new hairstyles. However, my final push came in 2021 when my youngest daughter was born and being on maternity leave I put all my ideas, finance and might behind my brand into making it a success and needless to say the business has been growing in the right direction – and long may it continue. I have future plans of have my own shop and merchandise one day, but for now I will continue to give the people good quality service at affordable prices from my studio at home.”

Check out KStyles work on the social media below:


Written by Destiny crawford-corri