Founded as a family business, we are a London based online publication consisting of creative content producers with the same aspiring vision. Seeking to expose the underground and unknown, we cover all areas of modern culture including: music, fashion, the arts, politics and everything that makes life life.


Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for creatives from under-represented communities to showcase their art and talent. As a collective, we are always on the lookout for section contributors and photographers to join the Ragged CULT family.


Ragged CULT is not just another magazine. We are providing a platform for those with raw, fresh talent to breakthrough in industries where it can be difficult to. We keep it real by focusing on mainstream and alternative culture through non-tinted glasses. Nowadays, it can be rare to find companies featuring non-filtered content. As an independent title, we are liberated to speak our truths. Ragged CULT is a physical manifestation of all of our unconventional personalities, and life experiences merged into one.

THE ORIGINATOR – Chenaii Crawford Corri

Ragged CULT is the brain child and culmination of 25 years of working as a journalist writing about music, fashion and the arts. I’ve worked as a stylist for Wale Adeyemi MBE and have also been a stylist consultant and personal shopper. My love of politics, culture and the arts alongside many conversations with close friends and much encouragement from them both spurned me on and inspired me to follow my dream of starting and running my own magazine. My ultimate goal is to create a platform for up and coming writers and creatives to showcase their work.

THE CURATOR – Destiny Crawford Corri

Destiny is an FRA graduate and 21 years old. She has done photojournalism for five different magazines for nine years. She has also styled for urban brand B-Side Wale and Idol Magazine. She is currently the Music Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Web Designer, and Fashion & Arts Contributor for Ragged CULT Magazine. She is studying psychology and counselling as well as she would like to be a mental health advocate or therapist. She currently works as a PR Assistant Intern for Hidden PR Agency.


THE VISUALISER – Charis Crawford Corri

Born and bred in London, I was priviledged to grow up experiencing fashion and style at its core. Thrusted into this position at the age of 16, I found the ‘journey-to-success‘ one that was intimidating, exhilirating and idyllic. My personal style is undefined, uncategorised and unlimited. I chameleon from dressing Punk on Monday to Street by Sunday. When concocting an outfit, I draw inspiration from everything around me whether that be: nature, animals, colours, moods, sexuality, art, culture or history. As a Fashion Director, Acting Beauty Editor, Freelance Stylist and a queer WOC, it’s naturally my responsibility to change the narrative within the industry, and to keep pushing boundaries. It’s the 21st century. With many Gen Zs bending the rules and regulations, it’s fundamental to not only represent but be represented, subverting stereotypes that perpetuate systemic discrimination. Challenging unrealistic ideals, I support the body positivity movement – all body shapes and sizes should be celebrated and empowered. I highly respect influencers and models ‘breaking the mold‘ by reclaiming their body hair, cellulite, scars, freckles, discolouration, stretch marks and overall imperfections. Additonally, as a fashion school drop-out, I do not believe formal education is always necessary to becoming successful. For establishing yourself as a named publication in our saturated market, it’s essential to be a trailblazer; do not be afraid to think outside the box. An advantage to being a Creative Director is that I have the artistic license to explore contrasting concepts, visions and visuals, which is reflected in the Fashion section of Ragged CULT. I am the voice for marginalised communities. I refuse to apologise for the way I dress, the colour of my skin, my pride in my heritage or my ‘ethnic’ features. Fuck societal systems – we do not need to conform. I am one of many voices for the freaks, weirdos and all-round unconventionals, and I want to offer the mic to those who have not yet been heard.