Originally founded as a family business, we’re essentially a UK based online magazine consisting of creative content producers with the same aspiring vision. Seeking specifically to expose the underground as well as highlight the well known. We cover all areas that implement modern culture including: music, fashion, the arts, politics and generally everything that makes life life. We’re so much more than just another magazine – we’re a platform enabling those with fresh and raw talent to get their work out there within those industries where it can be difficult to breakthrough.


Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for artists/creatives from under-represented communities in the arts & media to showcase their work and talent. As a collective, we’re always on the lookout for section contributors and photographers to join the Ragged CULT family.


We keep it real -unlike other magazines- by focusing on alternative as well as mainstream cultures; nowadays it’s rare to see publications featuring non filtered content. As an independent publication, we are liberated to talk the truth from our own personal experiences as well as others within the creative industries. Ragged CULT is more or less a physical manifestation of all of our unconventional personalities merged into one magazine.

1/3 of Ragged CULT- THE ORIGINATOR20171012_220804

Ragged CULT is the brain child and culmination of 25 years of working as a journalist writing about music, fashion and the arts. I’ve worked as a stylist for Wale Adeyemi MBE and have also been a stylist consultant and personal shopper. My love of politics, culture and the arts alongside many conversations with close friends and much encouragement from them both spurned me on and inspired me to follow my dream of starting and running my own magazine. My ultimate goal is to create a platform for up and coming writers and creatives to showcase their work.

2/3 of Ragged CULT- THE CURATOR

Destiny is an FRA graduate and 21 years old. She has done photojournalism for five different magazines for nine years. She has also styled for urban brand B-Side Wale and Idol Magazine. She is currently the Music Editor, General Editor, Web Designer, and Fashion & Arts Contributor for Ragged CULT Magazine. She is studying psychology and counselling as well as she would like to be a mental health advocate or therapist. She currently works as a PR Assistant Intern for Hidden PR Agency.


3/3 of Ragged Cult- THE VISUALISER


Fashion & Beauty Editor

I’d be lying if I said being the current youngest Fashion Editor in the world (well at least that I know of) was easy. Yeah it comes with its highs and lows, but it’s 100% worth the blood, sweat & press passes… Plus it’s nice to see a brown face in a head position once in a while, right? But you already know my motto ~In a world where you can’t have your cake and eat it- imma take my cake and take your cake…and eat it~ You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to understand me, and you most definitely don’t have to accept me. Just be open minded to learning about something you’re not used to…..In a nutshell, I’m a London born and bred gyal, definitely not from a privileged background, also the Music and every other Section Contributor/ 1/3 of Ragged CULT’S OG team. Been told I have too much of a superiority complex that I can’t even be friends with myself- wait what??? Basically, just a lil bit nutty,  just a lil bit offensive, just a lil bit ambitious, and more than lil bit too tired… My Superiority Complex