Space Grunge- you WHAAAAT???

So what's all this 'Space Grunge' about then? Space grunge is in essence an amalgamation of flamboyant modern and OG 90s trends with a galactic based theme. Basically, think modern acid house. Originating in the early 2010s, Space Grunge was at it's peak during 2013-2016. Whilst still having a presence within the alternative community to [...]

1k Swarovski International Catwalk Award Up For Grabs

A very lucky student will win £1,000 as part of Graduate Fashion Week '18's reward ceremony. With the criteria stating you must showcase "An outstanding menswear, womenswear, or mixed collection, which clearly demonstrates an exceptional ability in; Creativity, Design, Cut, Craftsmanship, Colour and Fabric", you can see why there's going to be a lot of [...]

Balenciaga Issues Apology, Again.

Spanish fashion house Balenciaga, now owned by French luxury group Kersing, has been accused of discrimination against Chinese shoppers. In one of their Paris stores, reports have emerged of an altercation occurring between Chinese and other shoppers. Now within China, there are claims of in-store racial discrimination from staff members.   According to Asian media, [...]

Fashion Revolution Week Preview

*image property of @bandasscrossstitch   If you don't already know, Fashion Revolution is a global movement bringing awareness to the underlying issues of the fashion industry.  Originally set up as a social enterprise, FR is funded by organisations, government grants and donations to educate both consumers and retailers on the conditions our clothing is made [...]

London Edge February 18 Review

*Property of LondonEdge Ltd*   Walking into Islington's Business Design Centre, I didn't know what to think. I thought I'd be a fish out of water in a crowd that's meant to be full of fish out of the water. Face it, how many black girls have you seen who's equally into both alternative and mainstream [...]

Vans Meets Lazy Oaf

Vans have collaborated with independent, London-based fashion brand Lazy Oaf to give customers a quirky take on classic staples. Both brands have a history of incredible collabs, with Vans taking on the likes of Opening Ceremony, Anti Social Social Club and Supreme. In 2018, Lazy Oaf have already teamed up with Dr. Martens and Betty [...]

Antonio- The Deity of 70s Fashion

A Film Review of Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Drugs & Disco *Featured Image is property of Summitridge Pictures & RSJC ltd Walking into the auditorium, I did not know what to think. As per usual, I was one of a few brown faces amongst the crowd, quelle surprise. After a brisk caustic exchange with an ICA [...]