Anne-Marie ~ 2002

2002‘ is yet another great hit by Anne-Marie. This song was only released due to Ed Sheeran’s -who co wrote the song- constant trolling of her on Instagram. Despite her unwillingness to release the song, it’s already charted at number 15 in the Vodafone Top 40 charts. The song, which is similar to Anne-Marie’s previous hit ‘Ciao Adios,‘ is an acoustic song which incorporates a produced beat and chorus. This mix makes the song unique and catchy, combining the intricate lyrics and melody of a singer-songwriter tune with the bombastic, pop sound typical of today’s top 40 popular music scene.

It is difficult to express just how catchy this song is. The guitar is peaceful at first, painting this nostalgic feeling, but as we build up to the chorus the more produced sound comes in, giving the song a memorable chorus. The lyrics are complex yet easy to sing along to, with the chorus managing to squeeze in references to multiple hits from the period and still keep the song likeable. The story it tells is raw and relatable, like ‘Castle On The Hill‘ crossed with ‘Summer of ‘69.’ You’ll find yourself humming along and remembering that awkward phase where you liked Nu-Metal! Yay?

In conclusion, this is a feel good song that captures the raw feeling of old summer fun. The story it tells, whilst great, is very generic. It takes the “young nostalgic summer” trope and throws in a childhood sweetheart. The lyrics are excellent, which is no surprise coming from a singer-songwriter team like Ed and Anne-Marie. It takes you to a time you look back on fondly, perfect for a party or just listening to via your playlist on the way to work. If you’re looking for a song for a sunny day, or a song to make you feel sunny on the inside, put this on.

By Tyler J Smith

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