Introducing Meg aka Sludgework

Meg first came into our lives when she sent a ballsy, self confident email to us about her work; and boy, this girl is talented. As some of you have seen, she designed our “Coming Soon” sign in preparation for our rebrand and our new “Official Logo.” Meg really listens to her clients, takes our ideas and makes them reality and will make all the adjustments until it’s perfect. Here is a little bit more about Meg.

“I’m Megan Umpleby (she/her) 28, and a graphic designer based in Manchester UK. I have been creating art as Sludgework since Summer 2018. During this time I have done artwork for over 150 clients ranging from album artwork and logos to T shirt designs and web graphics. My artwork is within the alternative metal/horror genre, and I work with independent bands, brands and individuals.”

You can find links to Sludgework’s work and social medias below:






Written by destiny crawford-corri

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