Xponorth 2020 Goes Digital

Despite the circumstances that continue to plague our day to day lives, the creative industry has pulled together and stayed strong in pursuing to deliver creative content for those who need it the most.


As Mental Health Awareness Week passes by, a heart-wrenching, narrative of a young woman’s struggle with her own mental health emerges. By Angelica Gayle - Contributing Film Reviewer Trigger Warning: This content mentions Drug Use and Suicide. Reader Discretion is advised. Due to the ongoing circumstances of Covid-19 that threaten our daily peace of mind, [...]

The Invaders ~ Directed by Prichard Smith

'The Invaders' is a documentary film about a particular movement of young people fighting for civil rights in the late 60’s. This is an important story about what activism looks like. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'The Invaders' tells the story of how a civil rights radical youth group (called The Invaders) came to be and helped support the [...]

Antonio- The Deity of 70s Fashion

A Film Review of Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Drugs & Disco *Featured Image is property of Summitridge Pictures & RSJC ltd Walking into the auditorium, I did not know what to think. As per usual, I was one of a few brown faces amongst the crowd, quelle surprise. After a brisk caustic exchange with an ICA [...]

Here to be Heard ~ The Slits

I've never been to Regents Street Cinema before but let me tell you that venue is amazing, very majestic. I was really excited the see The Slits film 'Here to be Heard' as part of Sound Screen Music & Film Festival - they've been running a series of films from the 21st to 28th March. [...]

Brix & The Extricated

British post punk band Brix & The Extricated were formed in 2014 in Manchester by ex The Fall band members, Brix Smith Start (vocals/guitar) and Steve Hanley (bass guitar); the band also consists of Paul Hanley, Steve Trafford and Jason Brown. They're signed to Blang Records. The band formed just after Steve H's autobiography 'The [...]


I only found out on Wednesday about the Westwood film; our founder messaged me the details and I applied for press tickets not thinking I would get them. To my surprise we were lucky enough to get last minute tickets. We were greeted with a large glass of complementary red wine (my fave). The preview [...]

Doc’ n Roll Film Festival

2nd Edition Brighton: 18th - 28th January By Chenaii Crawford Corri Doc’n Roll Film Festival launched in 2014 and set out on a mission to show recognition to the under-the-radar music films that are largely ignored by risk-averse film programmers. Post-screening Q&As, DJ sets and live music themed on the films, all add to the [...]

London Short Film Festival 2018

By Chenaii Crawford Corri Welcome to the 15th year of the London Short Film Festival which features innovative, creative and independent film making from practitioners of the medium worldwide. The festival runs from Friday 12th January till Sunday 21st offering a diverse range of films to suit most tastes. LSFF has come a long way [...]