Victory Brooks ~ Love Me Hard Before You Go

Victory Brooks released her new single ‘Love Me Hard Before You Go,’ on July 3rd 2020. The single is produced and co-written by Drew Louis; it’s available on all music platforms. Originally from Moscow, Russia, and now based in Los Angeles, Victory Brooks initiated her music career as a rock guitar virtuoso. Her global roots and various music knowledge has embedded mass culture and diversity within her music and aesthetic. Victory Brooks and Drew Louis have produced an intimate, personable and relatable single. The premise of the dark pop and low-key hip hop single is a memoir concerning her heartbreak. 

The new single is distinctive and very catchy. Whether you’re putting in your headphones and in a melancholy mood, or turning the bass up and want some dark-pop vibes – ‘Love Me Hard Before You Go‘ is definitely the song that will satisfy your every desire! Flourishing in the pop music scene, her stunningly unique appearance and innovative rebel demeanor makes her a catch for the current music market.

The adagio tempo during the intro, accompanied by an intense crescendo into her efficacious chorus, generates a stimulating atmosphere for listeners. The accented rhythms harmonise with her effortless, yet compelling voice. It commands listeners and affirms why she is the newest sensation; a unique sound and a powerful message. 

Anyone who has gone through a breakup can relate. The lyrics were incredibly rich and relatable; longing for love, yet needing to let go. Listening painted visions of my own experiences, flashing past my eyes as I closed them feeling lost within her lyrics. In the final chorus, the main melody is complimented by a descending arpeggio which beautifully harmonises and creates a euphoric sound – bringing the song to the final chorus.

Retrospectively, the song was very relatable and made me recognise that despite having very different backgrounds and cultures, we all can experience heartbreak – and the way she has channeled that is beautiful.


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Written By Jack Groves @jkgroovin

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