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I’m always up for music suggestions however I’m sometimes doubtful of what I’ll recieve. However, this time I was not disappointed. Bethany Davey was recommend to me by our founder, Chenaii via Nasty Women’s, Paige. Bethany is only 21 but has now released her fifth single; impressive right. The Dartford based singer makes electro-pop music which she draws inspiration from trap and rnb. Her love of “heavy basslines and EDM” vibes really show through her body of work.

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Falling Down’ is her fifth single and if festival season was happening (thanks for fucking that up covid), this would be guaranteed to be dropped at many festivals. This is one song where it has a meaningful message but in an upbeat, dance vibe. The song is representing how Bethany and many other musicians feel with the struggle of their mental health, and trying to make it in the music industry. The setbacks, the difficulties, the struggles they go through to make music and it actually being put out and successful. “Should I fake it, till I make it” is something we’re all aware of and probably have all said/thought at one point in life; it’s about having to hide how you really feel and having to keep upbeat and positive, even if you don’t want to, just to make it to the end goal. To also hide how they’re really feeling to other people. She belts out in the chorus “All I really want is to feel okay, I’m falling down,” which I’m pretty sure all of us have felt some point in our lives; especially those of us who struggle with mood and mental health issues. “Tell me what it’s like, to have it all, never to fall and never find a fault in the way that you are;” this stuck out to me as many of us are so self critical and spend a lot of time wishing for things and focusing on the negatives and our failures.

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Bethany told us, “I initially wrote this track on a very rainy day, in a costa coffee situated the middle of Brixton, London. I then took it to my producer who goes by the name Exire and together we built upon what I had already made and written to create the track you hear now.” She also mentioned that she “funds her own campaigns” which can cause massive frustration if they don’t lead to anything. Bethany is very open and honest in ‘Falling Down’ about the reality of working in this type of industry and the amount of work they have to put in; it also effects their life massively and can cause mental health issues to become worse. It’s nice to hear that type of honesty in a song because a lot of artists will glaze over it and not talk about it.

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This songs been on repeat since I was sent it yesterday. When all this lockdown stuff ends, you’ll be lucky enough to see her perform yourselves. Check out ‘Falling Down’ below and her socials as well as the producers.

Link to Falling Down

All her socials: @bethanyedavey

Producer socials: @exireuk

Written By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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  1. I’ve been following this you g lady for some time now, and must say she has got better and better. He talent for wtiting song that touch your heart and soul is amazing, and obviously comes from personal life experiences. She deserves every chance of being a successful artist more than anyone I know, and I wish her well in her chosen career. It’s hard out their, but she’s not giving up any time soon. I hope she gets that big break, because the world needs to hear Bethany Davey.

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