Tik Tok Fashion 101 – What’s Trending?

Are You Cottagecore, Dark Academia or Y2K?

With the arrival of another lockdown, I’ve been staying inside scrolling through my feeds mindlessly, with one new addition to my roster of apps: Tik Tok. Having spent enough time on the app, the algorithm seemed to pick up on my love for fashion, makeovers and clothing. As I dived into ‘Fashion Tik Tok‘ I encountered some familiar trends..and others that I’d frankly never seen. 

Here’s what I found trending on Fashion Tik Tok:


Credit: @lira_karina

Style taken straight from the halls of Hogwarts, Dark Academia is a relatively new trend that primarily revolves around a specific interior design aesthetic. Influences from the 1940s include brogues, heavy knit jumpers and tweed co-ords. Although much of this trend takes heed from a time gone by, there are hints of modernity scattered throughout with 21st century silhouettes and style options. As with any trend, there are variations with some completely committing to the vintage look, meanwhile others using are the 40s influence as highlights and even incorporating mom jeans. Dark Academia strikes a balance between a nonchalant attitude and slick preppiness. And of course you can’t forget the cherry on top: period appropriate eye glasses.  


Sharing the vintage sentiment of Dark Academia, Cottagecore is much more light and romantic. The trend takes elements of other internet born aesthetics such as Farmcore, Goblincore, Faeriecore and Grandmacore. Typically ‘feminine‘ silhouettes, ruffles, lace and patchwork patterns with florals make a callback to agricultural clothing, a blast from the past. Cottagecore observes time periods where beauty was defined by one’s proximity to whiteness, however black individuals (particularly woman) of the Cottagecore community have created their own space within this sect of ‘Fashion TikTok‘, and largely Instagram. The style has been adapted with nuances of Lolita and ‘Soft Girl‘.


Credit: Pinterest

Born off the internet’s niche communities, the omnipresent E-Girl has become a pop cult figure of its own as many have taken to Tik Tok to share their version of this aesthetic. Grunge is at its core, boasting a darker palette compared to the previous two. From baggy graphic t-shirts to slouch beanies, layering is the key to mastering this trend. Silver accessories such as chains, hoops and piercings highlight an outfit otherwise solely composed of ‘basics’. More adventurous Tik Tokers amplify the rebellious aspect of E-Girl by incorporating swathes of neon, heavy-duty platforms, leather, harnesses and more revealing cuts. 


Y2K fashion has come back with avengence, with fans of the aesthetic relishing in the nostalgia of the early 2000s. Much of the Tik Tok fashion makes reference to Bratz and iconic movie ‘Mean Girls’. Low-rise jeans, velvet tracksuits, small totes and high-end labels are dotted wherever you can fit them in true Y2K style. With city vibes as its muse, a mixture of casual and luxury accessories and clothing creates a chic throwback look. Designer specific patterns (note: Louis Vuitton and Burberry), and rich fabrics in satin and velvet are often worn. To finish off the look, make sure to add a sprinkle of bling anywhere and everywhere.

Having clawed my way through ‘Fashion Tik Tok‘, I’d have to say for sure my personal style falls closest to Y2K (though you may not catch me sporting low rise jeans anytime soon)! The designer/luxury aspect really appeals to me as someone who is in love with opulent jewellery.

Words By Louise Worthington

Fashion Editor – Charis Crawford Corri

Disclaimer- all images used within this article have been sourced from Pinterest, Google Images and individual influencer’ official social media. Where credit has been found, it has been explicitly owed. Ragged Culture Publishing Ltd. does not own the copyright to the images within this article. All rights reserved.

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