Tik Tok Fashion 101 – What’s Trending?

Cottagecore observes time periods where beauty was defined by one’s proximity to whiteness, however black individuals (particularly woman) of the Cottagecore community have created their own space within this sect of 'Fashion TikTok'.

The Strokes ~ The New Abnormal

The Strokes are back. The American five piece indie band has released their first studio album in seven years and the name is perfect for these unusual times.‘The New Abnormal’ takes us on a synth wondrous ride with the ingredients for an incredible album. This 1980’s sound laden album is a stark move from 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine.’

Women on High Alert

In many of my conversations with men - whether in contexts of romantic, platonic, professional, or social - it has not been unusual for a conversation to contain some of the following responses from them to suspicious behaviour I, or another woman, has picked up on from another person.