Black Honey

The indie-rock quartet Black Honey are making waves in the music scene as they step out of Brighton with their sonic offerings and western style visual package. Originally formed when Izzy B. Phillips (vocals, guitar) and Chris Ostler (guitar) met at university, the pair began writing together and was later joined by Tommy Taylor on drums. Followed by numerous bass players, the group found their footing when Taylor swapped percussions for the bass and Tom Dewhurst completed the line up on the drums. After consistently touring the group settled with the title Black Honey as it perfectly drew the contrast of the bands dark and sweet image.

Black Honey have been making their way through the indie game since releasing their first self-titled EP in 2014. It resembled the twanging surf-rock style from the movie Pulp Fiction backed with a blast of piercing screams. Creating a predictable comparison to bands such as Canadian indie group Alvvways and the UK’s very own Wolf Alice, Black Honey don’t shy away from wearing their influences on their sleeve. Their rhythmic guitar and soothing tones draw heavy influence from the shoegaze stylings of My Bloody Valentine which was also prominent throughout their second EP release Headspin in 2016. Thus catapulting them in to successful festival sets at The Great Escape and Neighbourhood Festival along with their own headline tour.

Gaining widespread recognition throughout the indie-rock scene, in 2017 they embarked on a UK tour supporting Royal Blood. Taking away from the tour the amped up ambition they needed, they headed into the studio to continue recording the Black Honey debut LP. During this time they developed their sound and incorporated it in to their already recorded tracks. Their current LP tears the indie genre in two and is a cocktail of fuzzy distortion and the industrial similarities of Nine Inch Nails, laced with the vocal pop melodies of Lana Del Rey.

Coining herself as the Milky Bar Kid meets Debbie Harry, it’s the weird and wonderful mind of Phillips that you discover at the heart of “Black Honey.” An open sufferer of ADHD and dyslexia, she’s a huge advocate for self expression. The band helps her channel everything that comes from her obsessive and dizzyingly creative head, and create music along with beautifully cinematic music videos. Each feature combines the aesthetic of Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino in a Spaghetti Western movie. Originally hailing from Brighton, the town’s drab seaside appearance couldn’t be further from Black Honey’s vibrant sound and style.

Their album is out now. Make sure to get yourself a ticket to one of their shows in October as they’ll be touring the UK with support from the band PINS.

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By Jonathan Simpson

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