When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

By George Rae Rough

When your so lost with your life,
Beaten down and relentlessly confused
So battered and so bruised,
So hurt,
And feel like two left feet of an old pair of the wrong size shoes,
Something that will never fit,
Something never to be used,
Like two right feet of an old pair of the wrong size shoes,
Dowdy and brown,
The heels worn down to the ground,
Scuffed and hardly any laces,
The souls with holes that sometimes look like faces,
But these shoes won’t be walking to any new places,
Just endlessly walking in circles and energy being waisted,
But if both decided to make some simple changes,
And helped one another out by the same exchanges,
A left for a right or a right for a left are the shoes that needed to be traded,
To stand side by side going forwards to new and undiscovered amazing places,
So now these aren’t two pairs of worthless same footed wrong sized shoes,
But have actually been made into two pairs of perfect 1’s & 2’s !!



  1. A pouring out from the soul,
    George Rae Rough a new poet of some considerable accomplishment, finds her feet in a fledgling Magazine.

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