Ragged CULT Introducing: Chelji ~ LOVEGANG

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

Unfortunately the first time I heard of Chelji was when our hellboy Lil Peep died; she arranged a memorial in London’s Hyde Park for fans and Bexey to pay their respects and celebrate his life. After seeing her do this all by herself, I’ve followed her journey going from strength to strength through awful things online but yet still remaining the kind hearted soul that she is. Today I caught up with Chelji for an interview so the world can get to know the REAL Chelji.

  • Name : Chelsea
  • Age:19
  • City: Birmingham

So Chelji what makes you unique; what should the world know about you?

“Ive been through some things that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies; I guess that makes me unique in itself because I’m still here today even though I’ve  had a rough time. I’ve never really known how to control my emotions, and only recently I decided to make music, it’s different.”

I fully get that and it’s amazing you’re still here living life. How did you start making music?

“Only recently did I decide to write my own songs. My main inspiration is other people that also suffer with anxiety, depression and love. Most of my songs have a chill vibe and it’s kinda calming when you’re hyperventilating from a panic attack. It helps me and I hope it helps others too; I say this everyday to people that message me ‘You’re not alone.’ As for the love part, i feel everything…way too many emotions so I had to put them on paper.”

Wow it’s great that you care and think about others so much even though you’re going through your own shit. Is there anyone who really influences your music? Also if you could compare your music who would you compare it to?

“AMY WINEHOUSE. A legend. I take huge inspiration from her. I don’t thinkI could personally compare myself to anyone. Although someone has compared me to a cross between ‘Lorde, Eden and Lauv’. I guess that’s a compliment haha.”

That definitely is a compliment. So you’ve just dropped your first ever song ‘Know Bout’. What lead you to write this song and what’s it about?

‘It’s just questioning if someone is ready for love, I have a lot of love to give. It turns out he did. One of the lyrics ‘love aint a thing, when you’re in pain;’ he’s suffered a lot and it’s just saying hey i’ll be there for you even when you’re in pain’..you know what I mean?”

Yeah i do. So what’s next for you Chelji and when can we expect  some more music from you?

“Hopefully to keep progressing forward and making music for lovegang. I dropped this song for fun and I’ve been contacted by a few people…big things are coming in the near future. New music is coming, I have a whole EP to release just waiting for the right time. Shoutout to Mackned!!!