‘The Burning Tower’ ~ Review

As mentioned in my preview of the performance, Helena Thompson’s ‘The Burning Tower’ is an interactive play responding to the terrible fire of Grenfell Estate in 2017. However, what you discover as an audience member is that the play, and the gallery exhibition that follows, doesn’t just cover the Grenfell fire, but other public outrages such [...]


Preview ~ Camden Fringe Festival

The Camden Fringe Festival and What to Expect WHAT IS THE CAMDEN FRINGE? Like myself, I am sure many of you have heard of the Camden Fringe Festival but have never known what it actually involves. Well try not to worry, because this article will help give you an insight into what’s to come. The [...]

Ruby Grace Mendoza Willcocks- Performing Arts Contributor

Ruby Grace Mendoza-Willcocks (stage name: Ruby Mendoza) is seventeen years old currently studying A-Level English, Dance, and Drama. Ruby posts original songs on YouTube and SoundCloud, and sometimes helps out backstage at the Tower Theatre Company for plays. Ruby has worked with choreographers of well-known creative companies such as Boy Blue Entertainment and IMD Legion. Ruby [...]

Find Your Passion; How I found My Inspiration

Have you ever stopped to think what your passion is in life? No, really. Have you ever, at some point in the day, switched off whatever device you’re procrastinating on and taken some time to wonder: what do I strive in…what drives me through life? Well, you might not have it figured out yet – [...]