ZICO ~ Any Song

This song has a lot of different meanings for me. Personally, it reminds me of a lot of the people I see in university; they end up blocking out a lot of their responsibilities with clubbing. But this is only a temporary solution to the downs in life.

RIP Mac Miller

Never did I expect to have a celebrity’s death cause so much pain. This man was a true artist and it kills me to know we’ll never be able to have another song from him. It’s crazy to think that literally in three months he was supposed to come to Seattle and I was going [...]

~Up-and-Coming Rapper- K.A.A.N~

K.A.A.N aka Knowledge Above All Nonsense aka Brandon Perry is a US based hip hop rapper and lyricist. Located in Maryland, his music career emerged in 2016 . Produced by the likes of ORBT and Cashflow, K.A.A.N has 2 albums- 'Paradise/Lost' and 'The Black Blood' LP and 2 EPs- 'Unknown Knowledge' and 'Abstractions.' K.A.A.N's style of rapping [...]

Luke Storey ~ Tears in Rain

Anyone who knows Luke Storey will know him from being Professor Green's DJ for years now as well as modelling. So it's not surprising that he's now entered into songwriting and released his own song 'Tears in Rain.' Now he's released his first song I'm like "wow could he not have started releasing music sooner?!" [...]

Bexey ~ Villain Tears

Bexey has been releasing music regularly since the end of 2017 and it's always been hit and miss with me; 'Letter to Peep' and 'Stay Alive' featuring Fat Nick have been my personal favourites. So when I was scrolling through Soundcloud and saw he'd put out a new song, I was interested to see whether [...]

whoissmink ~ People You Love

This is very different from what I've heard so far from whoissmink. I do love his music but for some reason this song has connected with me on a level. The structure of the song is interesting as the introduction and outro is just instrumental but they are prolonged longer than most other songs intros [...]

Bones ~ Paris

Paris is an up and coming artist from LA. I first discovered who he was via Toopoor and Tyler Grosso as he's their friend. He released his first song 'Po'ed UP' which was my favourite song for a long long time. He's now released his third song 'Bones' yesterday. I'm sorry but I just have [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing ~ whoissmink

I had the chance to interview up and coming, multi-genre artists, whoissmink. Read below to see what he had to say. Name: Whoissmink City: North Carolina Occupation: Recording Artist Tell us a bit about yourself? "I’ve loved music since I was little, I’m just obsessed with all avenues of it. Theory, Engineering, Songwriting. Lately I’m focused on [...]