Sexton Ming Artwork

Sexton Ming is an artist, musician and writer from Gravesend Kent who now lives in Hastings. HIs work has covered many genres, from the raw garage punk of the Medway Scene to the camped up electronic dance music of Leigh Bowery’s Minty. Most recently, Sexton has been leaving a trail of cut up magazines all over [...]

Diaspora Punx Interview

By Leila Nassereldein (on behalf of the DIY Diaspora collective)     Can you define the terminology: ‘Punks of Colour/Diaspora?’   Firstly, humans aren’t crayons. The coloniser wrongfully applied “other” status to the globe’s majority, leaving the oppressed, the heterogeneous oppressed, unifying through their adjacency to the European “norm.” The term “people of colour,” from [...]

Concert 4 Corbyn

By Jim Jones I wouldn't say I'm particularly pro left or pro right or populist or radical; I find all those categories too pigeonholing, restricting, and ultimately a bit of a distraction from plain fairness and decency. When I look at Corbyn, I don't see him in the same light as most politicians, for a [...]