Creative Debuts ~ Calum Hall Interview

Creative Debuts is a platform founded by Calum Hall and Alex Rolling. It helps budding creatives get their work out there and commissions them; they also are known for holding events/exhibitions as well. We were given the opportunity to interview Calum Hall, here's what he had to say. Who/What is Creative Debuts? "Creative Debuts is a leading platform championing emerging [...]

UNIDAYS Exhibition

BOXPARK SHOREDITCH UNIDAYS have asked their student members to photograph a moment that captures a glimpse of their own unique student experience. The images that made the final cut show a array of student experiences; it gives an insight into each individuals student experience. This Exhibition is available to view throughout the whole of March at [...]

Paint Jam – Basquiat Event

By Eugene Ankomah The adventure of leading a workshop dedicated to Jean Michel Basquiat. For me, this was more than a workshop on Art, it had to essentially be connected to life. I wanted to impart concepts of freedom and the importance of ones individual voice, all via Jean Michel’s Basquiat and his attitude towards [...]

Modern Panic VIII

By Destiny Crawford-Corri Modern Panic is a controversial and provocative exhibition full of art, sculptures and photographs by many different talented artists; it's curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo. Having previously been to the annual showcase when it was known as Manic Panic, it returned for it's eighth incarnation featuring more than 50 acclaimed [...]

Punk Collages

By John Lee Bird One small step at a time (the year of the dead) 365 days, collaging thoughts and putting the pieces back into place. Revisiting old ideas and worries, stitching it all back together and letting the ink flow forth...spilling truth and moments from every pore. 5 years previously I'd been in a [...]

The Damned

By Gaye Black his photomontage is one of a set of ten that I made this year for the Rebellion Festival art show, as it was an anniversary year. My work is generally more surreal, collaged, painted, and coated with resin. This series features my personal memorabilia that I have kept since 1976 -1977 - [...]

G O D Photography – Elsinore In Dubrovnik

By Andrija Seifried   I find myself surrounded by the likes of Holly Johnson, Pinkietessa Pinkie, Diane Goldie, and Garry Roost amongst others at the Private View of the latest G O D Photography exhibition,  at the Croatian Embassy no less. A very colourful and excited crowd  have gathered for this, his first London exhibition [...]

Sexton Ming Artwork

Sexton Ming is an artist, musician and writer from Gravesend Kent who now lives in Hastings. HIs work has covered many genres, from the raw garage punk of the Medway Scene to the camped up electronic dance music of Leigh Bowery’s Minty. Most recently, Sexton has been leaving a trail of cut up magazines all over [...]