Too Glam For Rock- Kennedy Design x Ragged CULT

I think I first came across Kennedy Design when they followed me on my not-so-personal Instagram a couple of months ago. Usually bypassing most of my followers, something about this account caught my attention- I think it was their profile pic. Upon clicking on their account, I was hit entering this world immersed in everything [...]


Antonio- The Deity of 70s Fashion

A Film Review of Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Drugs & Disco *Featured Image is property of Summitridge Pictures & RSJC ltd Walking into the auditorium, I did not know what to think. As per usual, I was one of a few brown faces amongst the crowd, quelle surprise. After a brisk caustic exchange with an ICA [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing: Lil Pout

By Destiny Crawford-Corri I probably first heard of Lil Pout when my twitter friend Em retweeted him onto my timeline; I was instantly curious to find out more about him. Ever since that day I've been hooked to his demeanour and how much I could relate to him in many aspects including music and fashion. [...]