Valkyrien (Acorn DVD AV3395)

Straight from TV and now available on DVD, Norwegian Noir ‘Valkyrien’ packs a bewildering amount of action, crossing several popular genres, into its eight episodes, leaving the audience little room to catch their breath. The opening, rather beautiful images of a high tech golden beehive and its willing workers perfectly sets the scene of an [...]


‘Suburban Steps to Rockland’

The Story of the Ealing Club - University of West London To a packed house at the West London premiere of documentary film ‘Suburban Steps To Rockland,’ directed by Giorgio Guernier, shown under the auspices of the Ealing Music and Film Festival. Introductions to the key players in the making of this film aside, we were [...]

Twitter Scandals

It seems recently there's been an uprising in twitter scandals over the past year particularly, although I'm sure they been happening for a while now. Old tweets from famous people are resurfacing where they're offending people from years and years ago. I've had twitter since around 2011 and if people were to look through my [...]

Living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

A lot of people wont have heard of M.E or wont know what it is. So lets break down what it actually is. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Myalgic - Muscle pain Encephalo- Relating to the brain Myel - Relating to the spinal chord Itis - Inflammation Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - Brain and spinal chord inflammation with associated muscle pain. I [...]

Diaspora Punx Interview

By Leila Nassereldein (on behalf of the DIY Diaspora collective)     Can you define the terminology: ‘Punks of Colour/Diaspora?’   Firstly, humans aren’t crayons. The coloniser wrongfully applied “other” status to the globe’s majority, leaving the oppressed, the heterogeneous oppressed, unifying through their adjacency to the European “norm.” The term “people of colour,” from [...]

Concert 4 Corbyn

By Jim Jones I wouldn't say I'm particularly pro left or pro right or populist or radical; I find all those categories too pigeonholing, restricting, and ultimately a bit of a distraction from plain fairness and decency. When I look at Corbyn, I don't see him in the same light as most politicians, for a [...]


By Faron King Now I have to admit that PUNK ROCK might not exactly be my CUP OF TEA, but being a FAIR MINDED fellow I can see the MERIT in MOST THINGS (especially if I’m being PAID ENOUGH) However, remembering the first time I heard THE SEX PISTOLS on the radio reminds me of my [...]