What Animosity Can Do: The Murder of My Pet

Disclaimer-This article contains strong language and themes such as graphic violence, post-traumatic stress and animal cruelty some may find distressing. Reader discretion advised   To be honest, I'm really surprised that I'm even able to write this so soon after it happened. This is really hard for me to do, but I've got too many [...]

The Realities of Being a Black Alternative Model

I had my eye on alternative modelling since I was about fifteen. It was the counter-cultural aspect of the industry that attracted me, how it seemed to celebrate different kinds of expression that were usually excluded from mainstream portrayals of beauty. And yet, I couldn't help but notice that the majority of the successful models [...]

Dating After Rape

I cant believe I'm actually writing this piece as it's something that I never thought I'd do. I've been sexually assaulted a numerous times, had someone attempt to rape me and I've also been raped. I personally chose not to report any of these incidents as I don't think the police care and I don't [...]

Find Your Passion; How I found My Inspiration

Have you ever stopped to think what your passion is in life? No, really. Have you ever, at some point in the day, switched off whatever device you’re procrastinating on and taken some time to wonder: what do I strive in…what drives me through life? Well, you might not have it figured out yet – [...]

Up Close With Marilyn ~ Proud Central

Photography by Milton H. GreeneTo Proud Central for ‘Up Close With Marilyn,’ an exhibition of truly stunning, rare photographs by renowned photographer, Milton H Greene. Shot mainly in the years from 1953-1955, Greene captured Marilyn Monroe in fashion items and poses that showed off all her untouchable glamour, sultry beauty and vulnerable core. The ‘ballerina’ [...]

Eddie and the Hot Rods

Q Factory Amsterdam  To Amsterdam’s suburbs and the multi-resource centre named the Q Factory, for an evening on the famed Essex band’s latest tour. The black clad, box-like club draws a modest but enthusiastic crowd tonight, from as far afield as Berlin and London. The band’s career, dating back over forty years (with hiatus) to [...]

Valkyrien (Acorn DVD AV3395)

Straight from TV and now available on DVD, Norwegian Noir ‘Valkyrien’ packs a bewildering amount of action, crossing several popular genres, into its eight episodes, leaving the audience little room to catch their breath. The opening, rather beautiful images of a high tech golden beehive and its willing workers perfectly sets the scene of an [...]

‘Suburban Steps to Rockland’

The Story of the Ealing Club - University of West London To a packed house at the West London premiere of documentary film ‘Suburban Steps To Rockland,’ directed by Giorgio Guernier, shown under the auspices of the Ealing Music and Film Festival. Introductions to the key players in the making of this film aside, we were [...]

Twitter Scandals

It seems recently there's been an uprising in twitter scandals over the past year particularly, although I'm sure they been happening for a while now. Old tweets from famous people are resurfacing where they're offending people from years and years ago. I've had twitter since around 2011 and if people were to look through my [...]