Nasty Women ~ Helena Cardow

Ragged CULT caught up with leopard print loving, Creative Debuts artist Helena Cardow prior to her debut at Nasty Women's: Empowerment Exhibition. We chatted to the Durham University graduate about feminist art, the female form as motif in her work and her highly anticipated Sustain Series. Check out what she had say below. Sustain Series - [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing ~ Alanis Bennett

I've probably followed Alanis on twitter for just over a month; I love that she's alternative and not scared to be herself. This week I was scrolling down the TL and I saw some sick photos that she'd posted. The whole concept behind the photos and the quality of them were amazing. So why not [...]

No Future ~ Q&A with Manon Williams

At Ragged CULT we are always looking for creative talent. So when we were presented with the chance to interview Manon - a creative, photographer, zine maker, exhibition curator, art school graduate and DJ - we were ecstatic.  Check out our interview with her below. Who is Manon Williams? "My name is Manon Williams and [...]

Tatu Society ~ Lucy Austin

In this day and age so many people have tattoos and piercings. I personally have eight of each and can't wait to get more tattoos. It's an art form and takes time and dedication to master. I decided to try a different studio to get my medusa pierced so I went to Tatu Society Hackney [...]

Paint Jam – Basquiat Event

By Eugene Ankomah The adventure of leading a workshop dedicated to Jean Michel Basquiat. For me, this was more than a workshop on Art, it had to essentially be connected to life. I wanted to impart concepts of freedom and the importance of ones individual voice, all via Jean Michel’s Basquiat and his attitude towards [...]

Modern Panic VIII

By Destiny Crawford-Corri Modern Panic is a controversial and provocative exhibition full of art, sculptures and photographs by many different talented artists; it's curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo. Having previously been to the annual showcase when it was known as Manic Panic, it returned for it's eighth incarnation featuring more than 50 acclaimed [...]

Punk Collages

By John Lee Bird One small step at a time (the year of the dead) 365 days, collaging thoughts and putting the pieces back into place. Revisiting old ideas and worries, stitching it all back together and letting the ink flow forth...spilling truth and moments from every pore. 5 years previously I'd been in a [...]