Reddish Blu

How did I discover Reddish Blu (RB)? I was following Adam22 and Lena The Plug on social media and they went to a party where Reddish Blu was performing. I saw this cute girl with blue and purple hair hanging with them and I thought she was so cool. Turns out Reddish Blu is a singer and I managed [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing : Grandson

My sister Charis introduced me to Grandson last week and I've had all of his songs on repeat since; his music is intoxicating like a drug. Grandson, real name Jordan Benjamin, is originally from New Jersey but grew up in Toronto; he relocated to LA which is where he's based at the moment. He comes [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing ~ Hottub Johny

I am very reticent about the whole Soundlcoud rapper phenomenon mainly because a lot of people think they can just make music when in reality a lot of their music is either not up to standard or they're rapping about offensive or derogatory things. However, this is not the case with rapper and producer Hottub Johny. We [...]

Sade Is Back!!!

By Destiny Crawford-Corri After seven years Sade is back. The singer songwriter's new song 'Flower of the Universe' will make its debut in the theatrical adaptation of ' A Wrinkle In Time'. The film is set to premiere this Friday the 9th March. The song is produced by No I.D. The soundtrack to the film [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing: Jakub

I haven't known the illusive jakub for that long but any friend of chelji's is a friend of mine. From the beginning I could tell he has big aspirations, he's always reaching for the stars. I caught up with jakub below see what he had to say. Name: jakub Age: 18 City: Manchester Tell us [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing: Pezzhead

I caught up with up and coming music creator Pezzhead to find out more about him. Name: Joe Perry Age: 19 City: Maidstone (in a small village next to it called Larkfield) Tell us a bit about yourself? "Making music takes up most of my time but I do love video games (old school and [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing: Tallulah

By Destiny Crawford-Corri Photo Credit: Pic 1- Harry Conway Pic 2- Emma Williams I first discovered Tallulah when I was scrolling through my Instagram explore feed. I instantly thought WOW this girl is groovy. Her whole persona and aura radiates positive energy and oozes confidence. I've watched her journey from making unique pieces of art, [...]

Ragged CULT Introducing: Lil Pout

By Destiny Crawford-Corri I probably first heard of Lil Pout when my twitter friend Em retweeted him onto my timeline; I was instantly curious to find out more about him. Ever since that day I've been hooked to his demeanour and how much I could relate to him in many aspects including music and fashion. [...]