JF Whitney

Musician, artist & filmmaker JFW has exhibited his photographs in London, Berlin, Geneva and Carrick-On-Shannon (Eire) with images published in many magazines and on record covers. His work captures the everyday realities of his imagination (and vice versa). http://www.flytowhitneysmoon.com


Ella Guru

Ella Guru works in traditional oil paint on canvas, taking inspiration from painters like Caravaggio and Velasquez. She studied y in Ohio, and is a founding member of the Stuckist art movement. She particularly enjoys gender confusion, and the idea of changing one’s identity through makeup and costume.   After being a resident of London [...]

Marina Johnson

Marina James is of Dominican descent. She came to the UK during the windrush years as a qualified Matron nurse at the age of eighteen.  She continued nursing whilst bringing up a family of seven children and lived at different times with her family in Dominica, Commonwealth of the West Indies and Guyana, South America. [...]

Brian C. Earle

Brian C. Earle is an American author who resides in Mankato, MN. Earle has published 10 books which include short stories, stories written for the screen, novellas, novelettes, free verse prose, poetry, journals, and a play. Earle blends his own character with the many colorful characters he has met throughout the years. Earle not only [...]