Scenester 1964

Freelance journalist for more years than he cares to recall, with a lifelong interest in popular music, television, film, art and technology. Reaches London, Brighton, Amsterdam and many places in between. Motto: Never leave well alone

Julian Gilmour

Like so many before me, I switched from biologist to finance to stay-at-home dad to novelist to martial arts instructor. I'm founder and Chief Instructor at Camden Martial Arts while trying to get an agent for my first novel. Oh, and now I'm embarking on some music journalism, too. My first gig, indeed my first [...]

Gaye Black

Gaye Black spent three years at art college, qualifying as a graphic designer before becoming bass player with the Adverts. She is now exhibiting regularly and curating the odd show. Her work references her past, and explores the contrast between attraction and horror, mainly through collage.

Faron King

Began writing many years ago for "The Mid-Atlantic Reactor" and still occasionally provides commentary on issues of social and cultural irrelevence. He is currently revising an in-depth biography: "Bob Dylan-Zimmerman In The Frame"  

John Lee Bird

John Lee Bird’s work is defined by his distinctive use of line; influenced by pop art and 1950’s instruction and medical manuals yet entirely more detailed and personable. He uses diagrammatic line to make intensely human studies; whether the object be a portrait or a more abstract vision of matters of the human condition.

Sexton Ming

Sexton Ming, born in Gravesend, Kent, was one of the founding members of The Medway Poets with Billy Childish. Both were also founding members of the Stuckists in 1999, and each left the art movement of their own accord. Ming and Childish have continued to collaborate sporadically over the years. Sexton’s oars are in every [...]

JF Whitney

Musician, artist & filmmaker JFW has exhibited his photographs in London, Berlin, Geneva and Carrick-On-Shannon (Eire) with images published in many magazines and on record covers. His work captures the everyday realities of his imagination (and vice versa).

Ella Guru

Ella Guru works in traditional oil paint on canvas, taking inspiration from painters like Caravaggio and Velasquez. She studied y in Ohio, and is a founding member of the Stuckist art movement. She particularly enjoys gender confusion, and the idea of changing one’s identity through makeup and costume.   After being a resident of London [...]

Marina Johnson

Marina James is of Dominican descent. She came to the UK during the windrush years as a qualified Matron nurse at the age of eighteen.  She continued nursing whilst bringing up a family of seven children and lived at different times with her family in Dominica, Commonwealth of the West Indies and Guyana, South America. [...]