What To Do When You’ve Had Every Hair Colour

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Gen-Zs have a knack for impulsively changing our hair colour every fortnight, claiming it’s a by-product of our fucked up society, or a ‘Britney moment‘. We’re an unstable age group. With that being said, Gen-Zers are said to be the most expressive and accepting humanity has ever seen. Like social media, it’s an anomaly. Therefore, it comes as no eyebrow raise that our creativity transcends to how we look, dress, and of course, what’s on our head. Being a young, dumb and rebellious yute, it’s safe to say I’ve possibly had most hair colours (with the exception of orange and yellow: I rebuke). I’m bored – I need to do up something else. If you’re in the same position as me (I feel you, boo), read on to rob 20 hairstyles to do when you’ve had every hair colour.


Credit – WWD

No. More. Chemicals!!


Credit – Pinterest

Mind you don’t trip on it..

3. Or do A big chop, and shave it all off

Credit – Pinterest

Who needs hair anyway?

4. Attempt a draw-dropping ombre

Ofc you don’t need a colourist – they’re too mAinSTreaM.

5. Braid your front strands

Credit – Isa

If Kate did it in the 90s, then it’s cool.

6. Wear a silk scarf

Credit – Tarah Jane

Leave me alone – I’m self-isolating in the South of France.

7. FInGer wave it

Credit – Un-ruly

After all, you can never go wrong with some good ol’ fingering 🤗

8. Frame your face with streaks

Credit – Louie Banks

god bless the E-girls. *sniggers*

9. Cut a bob

Credit – Tumblr

Legit don’t do this at home, leave it to the professionals.

10. UNconvention YOUr braids

Credit – NYFW ’16

I mean imagine how convenient it is to have your hair tucked away out of your face – just make it fashion.

11. Make your scalp a work of art

Credit – Janina Zais

Can’t get more sustainable than skipping the canvas altogether.

12. Puff out your pigtails

Credit – Skylar Marie

Go big or go home doesn’t make a difference when we’ve been stuck there for a majority of 2020.

13. Lay ALL your baby hairs

Credit – Burberry AW19 at LFW

And maybe more.

14. Split the dye, and do it in half

Credit – @terroru

Indecisive? You don’t need to make up your mind, ’cause you can have it both ways.

15. Add a barette

Credit – Pinterest

They don’t have to be made from pearls, u know..*eternal internal eye roll*

16. Wrap it up

Credit – Pinterest

Wait, you thought I mean what? Wash your mind out, you dutty pig.

17. Slick it back

Credit – Pinterest

Slip n slide.

18. Buy a lace front wig

Credit – Ange JosĂ©

Switch it up on the daily.

19. Become a lampshade

Credit – Love Food Ibiza

Shine bright like a lighting fixture.

20. Just have hair

Hair is hair, anyway.

Hairdressing, hairstyling – even hair within itself is an artistry, an expression and an intrisic beauty. You don’t need to change the colour to make it interesting.

words by charis CRAWFORd Corri – acting beauty editor

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