Bershka, You’re Such A Bratz

Are you Chloe, Jade, Sasha or Jasmin? Spanish clothing retailer – Bershka have teamed up with iconic doll manufacturer – Bratz to produce a collab collection for Summer ’20. Having hit their marketing A-game, the Inditex brand have produced phenomenal collaborations in the past with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Powerpuff Girls and Money Heist. Along with their fellow Zara subsidiary, Bershka are among high-street favourites, with net sales hitting $390.6m in 2019.

Barbie – who’s that? Bratz was the only doll I was playing with growing up as an early 2000s baby. Characterised by their overdrawn lips and sassy attitude, the Bratz girls encapsulate everything we loved (and hated) about the era. They were a nice ‘alternative‘ to the Eurocentric skinny standards that their blonde-haired competitor brought. Despite being heavily criticised for their “adult-like sexualisation” and falling into toxic Kardashianity, it was what us Black and Latina girls could relate to at the time.

Bratz‘s motto – “The girls with a passion for fashion” – the collaboration is anything but short of this. The designs within this collection accommodate to Bershka‘s target market of 14-25 year olds. Featuring baby tees, a bodycon dress, a pair of denim cut-offs and some accessories, the pair have decided to keep this one to a minimal. Items are shown on Wilhelmina model – Cannelle: you grasp a real sense of the y2k trends we’ve seen resurface over the past couple of years.

The graphic crops are lightweight and casual, so work perfectly when styled with anything from relaxed-fit jeans to sweats. Add a dash of chicness by reaching for your fave heeled mules and a pair of chunky hoops. The figure skimming dress is a statement on its own, so pair it with white AF1s, logo socks and a mesh long sleeve underneath.

This collaboration is available to purchase on Bershka‘s official website and in select stores.

Words By Charis Crawford Corri – Fashion Director

*Disclaimer – All images within this article are sourced from Bershka‘s official website and social media. Ragged Culture Publishing Ltd. does not own copyright of images featured in this article. All rights reserved*

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