Kitty For The New Girl

New Girl Order are an online fashion brand unapologetically responsible for dressing the cool and collective youth. Launched in 2018 by Director – Jacob Ranulf Morris, NGO‘s designs reinforce their company ethos of “fashion, feminism and body positivity“, retailing a size inclusive range from UK 6-28. Their brand: inspired by 90s/Y2k, e-aesthetics and street culture. Behind NGO lays a nameless voice, suppported by the company’s lack of bio and webstore’s “About” page consisting only of emojis; there’s a degree of mystery to the reputable fashion brand. Surpassing the generics of a clothing brand, NGO additionally run a zine exclusive to their website, in which they discuss girls-night-in topics making them “more than just your average Fashion Blog.” Other than on their official site, you can purchase NGO products at ASOS, Zalando, Dollskill, Urban Outfitters, Junkyard, Zumiez and Spoiled Brat.

Following their collaboration with heritage footwear brand – Dr Martens, once again, Hello Kitty‘s artistic direction has far from disappointed. The renown Japanese character takes on a new form in this Day n Age, supplying the uniform for those of us who grew up with the white-faced, 3rd Grade suburbanite plastered on all of our pencil cases.

This collection features a select range of sweat sets, hoodies and tees (with an appearance of the occasional dress). The print detailing HK motifs and syllabic scripting resembles the type of designs found in childrenwear. Infantility is at the core of the clothing. My favourite item is the ‘Hello Kitty Mesh Crop Tee‘: fun whilst still very much wearable. With the collection practically sold out, undoubtedly Hello Kitty‘s and New Girl Order‘s collaborative efforts prove popular indeed. Taking into consideration material and garment density, HK x NGO‘s clothing items will be worn throughout Spring and Autumn months.

Hello Kitty x NGO just proves further why children’s cartoons can be developed to cater for an older audience, whilst still maintaining its sentimentality. As adulting and pandemics continue to permeate our current culture, sometimes a spoonful of childlike playfulness is needed. And what better brand to do so than New Girl Order.

This collaboration is currently available to purchase on New Girl Order’s official wesbite.

Words by charis crawford corri – fashion director

*Disclaimer – All images within this article are sourced from New Girl Order‘s official website and social media. Ragged Culture Publishing Ltd. does not own copyright of images featured in this article. All rights reserved*

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