The Lion, The Witch And The Empty Wardrobe

The long reigning days of the high street brick and mortar are coming to an end. Online shopping is now on the rise. The way we purchase and use clothes is changing right before us. So, what is the future of buying, and how can we still remain sustainable?

Online shopping (especially fast-fashion) further perpetuates throw away culture. Throw away culture is the collective consumer behaviour of clothes constantly being bought when a new trend arises. These clothes are then discarded into landfills once that trend is over. With trends coming in and out of fashion each season, these online brands need to produce clothes speedy enough to meet the demand of the consumer. Therefore, unsustainable methods of production are conducted to achieve this. Additionally, this unethical manufacturing results in low quality garments that are cheaply made with little durability, promoting single use clothing.

With your wardrobe over-piling with clothes, read below to find out a few ways on how you can declutter and become sustainable.

Nuw (formally known as The Nu Wardrobe) is a company that has changed the way we own clothes. Achieving this by creating a social networking app, their platform enables you to lend, borrow and swap clothes with others. It’s similar to sharing clothes among friends, but with a wider demographic. Once you subscribe to a monthly membership of £7.99, you can swap unlimited items, don’t have to pay per garment, and will become a part of the community which allows you access to exclusive perks and events. If you want to buy a new outfit, but your wardrobe is already bursting – Nuw is for you. The brains behind NuW is Founder – Aisling Bryne who was inspired by her trip to India back in 2013. She witnessed first-hand the factories that some fast fashion retailers use, and discovered workers who are being exploited. 

If you still want that in-store experience, Swishing is the company for you. The term swishing refers to when your wardrobe becomes currency through swapping clothing items. Swishing hold monthly events to give you a chance to retire some of the clothes you haven’t worn in a while, and swap it for something fresher. Each item of clothing brought is graded and awarded with tokens; the value of the tokens are dependant on the quality of clothing provided. You then redeem the tokens given by using them to purchase the clothes available in the shop. Additionally, Swishing provide upcycling workshops such as clothes restoration. This is a great opportunity if you have any items of clothing that you’re no longer able to wear due to things like tears, as they teach you how to repair and amend them. These workshops equip you with the necessary skills to become a sustainable consumer.

We all have those extravagant outfits that we bought for that one special occasion, such as prom, graduation or a wedding. Unfortunately, these garments are too elaborate to wear for casual settings. Asire Files holds a solution for this dilemma. Instead of purchasing an outfit that you will only wear once, Asire Files gives you the option to rent an outfit. The cost of renting is cheaper than buying the items full price. Offering you the chance to try on the garment for a fee, the online platform helps to ensure it’s the right fit and style for you. Asire Files stock a wide range of brands, making renting a more accessible and affordable option.

The companies mentioned above have given you fun, convenient and sustainable ways to shop. This will transform your wardrobe from feeling less like Narnia, and more like a sustainable capsule collection.


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