10 Sustainable Bags To Secure This Season

When the topic of sustainability in fashion is discussed, the subject of accessories is always somewhat overlooked. However, it is our accessories that separate the good from the great outfits. If you are looking to create a more ethical style, here are 10 sustainable bag brands that you need to have in your wardrobe this summer, and every season after that.


A brand that’s bringing the funk back into our wardrobe is Gosh Girl. Instead of throwing away waste textiles, each bag is handmade by the designer, using left over and vintage fabrics. They create beautifully unique creations, that encapsulate a groovy energy with every collection drop. As they are using off-cuts of fabric, every item within the collection is a one off. Gosh Girl is the pop of colour needed in every monochromatic wardrobe.


If you are a lover of texture and surface design, then this is the brand for you. The designer upcycles and hand crafts bags from culturally rich and vintage garments. The designer has used saris, Japanese haori jackets and kimonos. Because of this, Elka’s designs range from beautifully detailed embroidery to vibrant prints. These are all repurposed to create clutch bags. Additionally, the designer weaves with a loom to create their own fabric. Elka brings the craftsmanship back into accessories.


This brand not only sells bags but homeware too! They are that luxury element we didn’t know we needed. The manufacturing process is very transparent, so you can see how each bag is made from the first fiber to the finish product. This ensures that all stages of manufacturing are sustainable as some companies conceal methods to hide their unethical practices. Maison M curates timeless pieces so they can be staples in your wardrobe and not seasonal.

Realm designs

Realm Designs is a sustainable slow fashion brand. These bags are completely crafted from crochet, so each bag is unique as they are made by hand. They add that summer vibe to your style.

pickle me

As sportswear is becoming integrated more into everyday fashion, there seemed to be a lack of accessories in the womenswear department for the athletic fashionista. Pickle Me designs take vintage, deadstock sportswear and reimagines them into fun, fresh and futuristic bags. Giving these vintage clothes a refreshing new look is something that will grab others’ attention.


Designs by Misemi is an independent streetwear label based in London. The designer creates their own prints and uses fabric to handcraft mini bags. The colours are bright and rejuvenating.

house of sunny

If you are still wanting that premium look, then House of Sunny is one to look out for. The London based brand released a hand-crafted vegan leather shoulder bag with a silhouette straight from the 90s. There is even a mirror inserted in the side of the bag. This modern piece can take your outfits to the next level.


Nannacay – a brand that gives back to those who inspired them. The bags are hand manufactured by a community of artisans in Peru. No bag is the same, they all hold their own sense of character. The designer describes them to be for women who “like beauty and admire the simplicity of life”.


Who says luxury cannot be sustainable? JW Pei is both luxury and sustainable, whilst still slotting into the affordable bracket. Los Angeles based, this brand uses a combination of vegan leather and fabric made from plastic bottles. Not only are they sustainable, but innovative in the way they create contemporary silhouettes.

pretty gyal bags

Pretty Gyal Bags is a bag company located in Brighton all made by the designer. They operate by a made to order system, so no excess waste is created. Pretty Gyal Bags runs on a zero-waste ethos, meaning 100% of the waste is recycled back into production. Taking inspiration from vintage bag styles, they combine them with contemporary elements to create a fusion of the old and new.

Whether your style is sporty, luxe or retro, you can find a bag that will match your style whilst maintaining a sustainable stance. From the range of brands that have been provided above, you can start building your collection of accessories.

words by ARIELLE Uno-ekwang

Disclaimer- all images used within this article have been sourced from designers’/brands’ official websites and social media. Ragged Culture Publishing Ltd. does not own the copyright to the images within this article. All rights reserved.

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