15 Fun Ways To Switch Up Your Style In 2020

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If you’ve been desperately trying to think of ways to switch up your style in 2020, you’ve come to the right place. While we haven’t had all that long to show off our style chops, soon we’ll all be able to go out and parade around in our favorite outfits. If you want to serve lewk after lewk to work colleagues, friends, and passers by, read on for 15 fun ways to switch up your style in 2020.

1. Define your favourite looks

The first thing you need to do if you’re going to switch up your style is define your style preferences. Your style preferences are usually the outfit ensembles you play it safe with, and it helps to know what they are so you can gradually get out of your comfort zone. You also need to be able to figure out what you don’t like to wear so you can avoid pieces, shapes, colours, and patterns that are unflattering.

You can use sites like Pinterest to create mood boards of outfits you’re keen to try and see if there are any patterns in the type of looks you’re gravitating towards. What sort of styles, colours and patterns/prints are you noticing that you don’t usually wear? You can slowly start to try these out as you begin to feel more confident. You might start with a vibrant bag, for example, and gradually work your way up to a bright patterned shirt.

2. Invest in a focal piece you know you’ll wear again and again

Investing in a piece of clothing is not a waste if you know you’ll wear it again and again – it should be of high enough quality to last a good while, too. A beautiful jacket or coat is always worth the investment if you know you’ll love wearing it, and it’ll last longer than the cheaply made versions you find at fast fashion retailers.

3. Experiment with hats

Hats are a great way to experiment with your style. They can instantly add a little something to an outfit (although wearing one for the first time can be jarring). You could start with a simple hat and then move on to more elaborate ones, such as patterned furry bucket hats. You might just realise that you love how you look in a hat, and having a few will mean being able to switch up your look endlessy.

4. Try out different hair accessories

As well as hats, don’t be afraid to try out different hair accessories. Head scarves can be tied in a multitude of ways and are a great piece to have alongside your wardrobe. Then there are clips, scrunchies, and a variety of other hair accessories that can help you to create lots of beautifully diverse looks. Sticking to the same hairstyle is easy, but boring – try something new!

5. Wear a new shade of lipstick

A new shade of lipstick is a really quick effective change to make, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on a new piece of clothing or outfit (although some luxury cosmetic brands can cost just as much). Take a look at Rihanna wearing blue lipstick to get some inspiration – you don’t need to stick to standard pinks, reds, and nudes.

6. Get into glasses

Now could be a great time to get into glasses. If you want to emulate celebrity style, a glamorous pair of glasses is the way forward. If you don’t have a prescription, don’t worry: bluelight glasses are great for those who spend a lot of time looking at a screen, and everybody should have a good pair of sunglasses! There are certain articles that can help you to pick a certain frame silhouette based on your face shape, but you should go for a style you adore regardless of your face shape. Have fun with them!

7. Clash patterns and colours

Patterns and colours look amazing when paired. You don’t need to wear matching colour:patterns all the time. If you want to reinvent your aesthetic, try this out. Use a colour wheel and pick colours opposite one another to find the perfect shades to clash; for example, yellows and purples. You can also contrast patterns, although getting this right can be a little more difficult. You’ll find some pointers for clashing patterns below:

  • Pick three patterns you like
  • Use 60% of one pattern, 30% of another and 10% of the third
  • Pick two monochrome patterns and one pattern in colour to make it easier
  • Select larger and smaller patterns
  • Choose to contrast the same pattern in different colours/sizes

8. Practice Layering different pieces

Layering is one of the best skills you can have if you really want to mix up your looks. You can layer and have a lot of fun with the shapes and styles you create. Usually it’s advised to pick a more form fitting item and pair it with an oversized or baggier garment, as this creates the best balance.

You can also layer and transform a garment you already own into a different clothing item. For example, a maxi dress could become a trendy skirt, and a playsuit could become a shirt when tucked into skirts or trousers. Work with what you already have and ‘shop your wardrobe’.

9. Use accessories to inject more interest into your look

There are lots of ways accessories can add some oomph to your look. A waist belt will break up an outfit, so it’s ideal to wear with shirts, jumpsuits and skirts. Bags can add interest and texture if you choose statement staples, such as bags with tassels or embroidery.

10. Show off your socks

Showing off your socks can give an outfit an exciting boost. You can wear socks with heels, trainers, and more or less any footwear. Consider purchasing bright coloured and sheer options to complement a variety of looks. Play around with hoisery, and notice how it can transform a whole outfit.

11. Invest in statement jewellery

Statement jewellery is something everyone should own. Of course, if you’re going to buy precious metals or stones you should make sure it’s something within your personal taste. Also verify it’s genuine, too. Try not to buy items that everybody has from designers like Pandora, as it won’t hold its value and will not make you look unique. There are plenty of incredible jewellery makers out there who create jaw-dropping pieces that look so elegant as well as lasting a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to search for businesses on social media and Etsy.

12. Stop buying from the high street

Buying clothes from high street retailers can be easier than the alternative – finding independent boutiques and handmade stores to buy from. However, this is a perfect way to support small businesses and end up with pieces fewer people own. Again, these are items you’ll be able to keep forever and don’t have to worry about wearing ‘too much‘ as nobody will know where/when you bought it.

13. Embrace rental fashion

Rental fashion is a great route for those who want to be adventurous without full commitment. You won’t need to buy a new ‘outrageous‘ wardrobe, not knowing if you’ll truly get your money’s worth. You’ll be able to try on pieces and enjoy them, later on deciding if they are something you should have in your wardrobe or not. This is very beneficial for the environment, too.

If you’d rather not rent clothing, why not hold a clothes swap with friends and close-ones? You might discover pieces you would never have picked yourself, and vice versa.

14. Don’t underestimate the power of capsule wardrobes

Having a capsule wardrobe makes it more hassle-free and straightforward to get dressed, as you don’t have to mess around trying to find items that match. Instead, most of your clothing items match already and you can just go ahead and choose the most suitable options for whatever you’re doing that day. It can be difficult to get used to this at first, but there are so many benefits: you’ll define your true style, save money on clothes shopping, and save on time used to put outfits together.

15. Have a session with a personal shopper

A session with a personal shopper might seem unecessary, but just one session could help you to define and understand your personal style. It also can enable you to come up with outfits that are editorial-worthy.

Switching up your style in 2020 can be accessible and fun, especially since you can get away with all sorts in this day and age. You can dress retro or vintage, and nobody would bat an eyelid. If you mix and match several styles, you’ll look so stylish. You never know if you don’t try, so have a go at the 15 fun ways to switch up your style here and see what happens!

Do you have any of your own ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

Submitted anonymously, edited by charis crawford corri – fashion director

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