The #ActivistBootcamp ~ Experimental Poem

I woke up like this

An #activist


With rivers of likes waiving at my #blackout black square

   And reshares  of my #cute emptiness  and denounces

And the comments praising all my statements like commandments

So you watch and learn and just go see below

My guide for the beginners, that needs no real adjustments

Because I’ve got it all,  so many thousands followers

And I’m the gospel 

1. You’re cool, act clueless

Just say that they are right,  whatever they may say

Just say you didn’t know,  you’ll #learn how to behave

Copy all their slogans, and say you’ll fight their #fights

Go get that fresh hot manicure, to kneel for #HumanRights

2. Pausing boobs posting books

First times are always bad, and this is even worse

Since now you’ve got to lie, perform all your remorse

My teacher didn’t tell me.” “I never read the books.”


Say now’s the time to act, so loud on your timeline 

Summertime’s postponed, this is trending now

There’s loads of competition, you’re swimming with the sharks

So babe the only way, to spin this in your way

Is change your whole #aesthetic,  inject the anesthetic

 In the audience that is waiting


They want it now

One per second one per minute, after centuries of #silence

Another post on #blackness, and books that changed your world

Even if they didn’t, But like who’s gonna check

It’s just a trending hashtag, if you can’t beat them join them

3. Share Repost Repeat

#RestInPeace. Glory. #Justice.

Always. Mandatory. #Remember.

Every time there is a victim #saytheirname

Because with every victim comes  the thirst for #justice

And with that new content, artwork and gain lots of followers

If you play it right


Share the work that’s trending, and always tag the owners

Praise them like they’re #heroes and say you’ll smash the systems

So they will all repost you and you can live forever

4. It’s not about the politics

So now you’ve got the hype, you’re glorious in the #fight

You say the right cute things, on point with all the tags

And I want to say you’re ready, but please don’t disappoint me

Just give me your best word, that you won’t say a word

About how you’re really complicit, but also all of us


Blame the #government heavily – like the rain

The #system that derailed

Tell them you will listen, show up when they #protest

Learn all their minorities, it’s really for the best 

And smile at all the #ethnicities, but please don’t mention capitalism

It only trended briefly, on Russian Vogue October 1917

5. The Birth of a Star

You’re ready to go babe, your journey here is done

Subscribe for more you’ll want it, faking is an #art

Because I’ve made you, you’re an #activist

But nebula right now

Link in bio for the special package, I’ll turn you into a star!

Written By Carmen Morgillo IG – @soviet_juliet

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