Racism Is A BAME Problem Too

Racism and colourism is not just a ‘White issue‘. The prejudice in Arab, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous and even sometimes Black communities is truly saddening. I have heard many stories of multi-ethnic individuals being disowned by the non-Black side of their families. My paternal Grandfather is Indian, and despite his family growing up in the Caribbean, they didn’t approve of the fact he married a Black Jamaican woman. They wanted his wife to be South Asian like him. Their ‘disappointment‘ filtered through in their hostile treatment towards my paternal Grandmother. She was never welcomed into the family. As someone who’s father is Desi, and mother has Israeli-Moroccan heritage, I have always had to fight harder to even be recognised among those communities. I should not have to overcompensate/prove my authenticity just because my skin is a darker hue or I cannot speak-the-mother-tongue. It is not okay, and it will only improve if it’s acknowledged, addressed, called out and rectified.

Words by charis crawford corri

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