Black Lives Matter ~ A Poem

Florence is 7 years old and mixed race. She is so angry and sad at the world that she wrote this poem. She in her words, is “scared for her future.” Florence’s middle name is Noni, after her great, great-grandmother Noni Jabavu, an influential black African author of worksThe Ochre PeopleandDrawn in Colour.’ She’s truly inspired to follow the footsteps of her African family and become an activist.” – Nichola, Florence’s mum.

My name is Florence. I am seven years old. 

Black lives matter.

My skin is brown and my hair is curly.

Black lives matter.

I’m scared for my future. I almost lost my brother. 

Black lives matter. 

In a gang, to fit in, then stabbed in the street.

Black lives matter. 

Why is no-one listening? Change is needed!

Black lives matter.

Hear our voices when we shout, ‘I CAN’T BREATHE.’

Black. Lives. Matter. 

Written By Florence Carter @flotheminiactivist on IG

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