Light Skinned Privilege

As a mixed black Caribbean and white person 

Who can pass as white 

Who can see institutionalised racism always in sight 

Light skinned privilege is a thing too 

It’s not something you choose 

Confused as to where I should stand mentally infused, yet disproportionately defused and somehow bias 

How can you say it with your chest, yet be afraid to appropriate culture embedded in your own heritage, because of the melanin in your skin?

I don’t think that’s a sin

Lost in a paradox of confusion, allusion institutionalised delusion 

But it’s clear to me 

It’s clear to see 

The worlds tapped, emotionalism cracked 

It’s clear to see 

Light skinned privilege means a lot of things: 

Things that you cannot help, but given the privilege to change 

Things that need not stay the same 

Things to cherish and be proud 

Appreciate and be loud 

Your voice

Your sound 

Black lives matter; because yours already does 

Black lives matter; because yours already does

Written By Jack Groves @jkgroovin

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