Say No To Knife Crime

You see this sharp piece of metal,

It is a kitchen utensil.

But In the hands of a young man,

Can be so detrimental.

Whether driven by hate

Or driven by fear,

All that’s needed is love

But this is not clear.

We shall label them villains,

Keep them known as a thugs

So do not approach,

They tell us this much.

So we decided to banish

How can we abandon

This young lost boy who does not know the extent of his actions.

Because love, it can be evil

But we take this over none.

Shoutout to the mothers who’s little boys have taken others,

Tell me, “Do you still love your son?” Of course.

It is the most common answer.

You see my innocent boy done the stabbing

And the killer, he came after.

My weapon of choice

Will be my voice,

you won’t merely believe the power we poise.

Because a blade from your drawer will leave kids on the floor.

So many lives lost let’s not lose any more.

If you look deep in my eyes you will see how this ends,

So share my message to your brothers, mothers and friends

Written By George Murphy AKA Georges Opinion @georgesopinion

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