Ariel Posen ~ How Long

It’s that time of year again, “new year new me!” People have been celebrating and making new years resolutions. In January 2019 Ariel Posen put his stamp down on the new year by releasing the album How long’. Now he’s celebrating its one year anniversary of success by hitting the road once again. So, what better time to do a review on the albums eponymous track?

Though sharing the name with the album, the song How long’ doesn’t appear on the album until the fourth track; but when it does come around it brings a nice somber and slow feel with it right off the get go. Smooth vocals slightly reminiscent of John Mayer, but with more of a bluesy feel, start the song up with the tone echoed gracefully by the guitar’s accompaniment. Soon after, the rhythm section eases its way in as the song finds its groove.

If I was to describe the music of Posen, I’d usually say a blend of blues and melodic soft rock. This song brings in hinds of R&B and the tactical use of dynamics does not go unnoticed; it gives the song a relaxing build up, flowing easily and dragging you further into the ambiance of the music.

‘How long’ to me falls into that category of songs you just get absolutely lost in. First you start off putting it on and relaxing, then you are immediately taken away, riding on a rhythmical river with lyrics that just take you back. Suddenly you find yourself calling up an ex of 10 plus years ago just for a whimsical talk about days gone by (don’t worry guys I didn’t actually do that).

I had the privilege to hear this song live on Sunday the 26th of January at Bannermans Bar Edinburgh, and I can say the live version is just as superb. It takes a certain kind of tune to keep a packed out room in the center of Scotland’s capital held in silence (let’s face it we are a rowdy bunch here), but there it was, right in front of me. Couples wrapping their arms around each other, friends giving each other that happy silent smile and nod, and people with full pints not touching a drop as they zoned out, giving the song the silence it deserves. That is of course, before the rapturous applause. You can find a live version of the song on YouTube via the link below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

By Tom Coyne

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