Jessica Pratt ~ Poly Blue

With some artists and musicians, it’s hard to really understand what they’re getting at, but with California’s very own Jessica Pratt that’s not the case. She blessed us with her third album at the start of last year ‘Quiet Signs’ which was filled with a bundle of truly unique tracks all harbouring her classic talents. For someone that has never listened or even heard of JP’s distinct style, ‘Poly Blue’ sums her up perfectly. It doesn’t take long before you hear JP’s ghostly, angel-like voice alongside the modest strumming of her acoustic guitar; the song itself is very minimalistic including a heavily reverberated flute that can be heard only briefly, but fits into the whole vibe of the song so well.

JP’s take on what seems to be a haunting yet beautiful love song really whisks one away and can leave you feeling some kind of sad joy by the end of it. For fans of Kate Bush & Kurt Vile, JP is way up there in terms of style and uniqueness. She is genuinely a good songwriter which is evident to anyone who is blessed enough to hear her for the first time (or for the hundredth time, myself included). She dares to be different and that’s what makes her so underrated as a performer.

By Aidan Sullivan

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