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Isn’t it funny how things turn out sometimes? I’d recently joined Bumble (no not to date) to find new people to hang out with and create some business connections. Mel must’ve found me on there as she followed me on Instagram. I remember seeing one of her stories where she was eating seafood, which turned out to be The Seafood Boil courtesy of Diamonds Kitchen (DK). I’m always skeptical when people promote things on IG as they tend to have not even tried or been using what they’re promoting. For some reason I knew this was a genuine brand and followed them; although I spent many an hour salivating over the food that they were putting up.

The process is actually pretty simple when it comes to ordering your food and drinks – you didn’t really think I would be recommending anything to you guys without trying it right?! Usually the kitchen will be open over the weekend so Friday-Sunday, unless they’re doing an event. I decided to order on Sunday as we didn’t have time to cook at all; the menu was curried chicken, rice, mac n cheese, plantain, coleslaw and pasta salad. They also offer gluten free, dairy free, egg free and vegan options if requested. I had to send money via bank transfer and that locks in your spot for delivery. The communication from DK was amazing; they kept me updated on the prepping time as well as when the food had left the kitchen. I was even updated when the delivery drivers got stuck in traffic which I really appreciated. The drivers were really polite and lovely even-though they were having problems locating us due to our complex estate. The food oh my goodness was so amazing, it’s very hard finding Caribbean/African cuisine which is good quality, but this was it!

Here’s a little background information into Diamonds Kitchen

“My passion for cooking started from a young age. I was cooking in the kitchen from around 10 years old, watching my Nan and mum chef it up self taught gave me the motivation to do the same. I started my business because I was feeding all my peoples – they were coming round eating for free; some would chuck me money occasionally and would say I deserve to be paid for what I cook. I decided to just open up shop from home in my small lil kitchen cooking African n Caribbean foods with my very own personal twist; I do healthy options as well as meal prep for the gym lifestyle. I cater for everyone.”

Some extra bits of information: all the meat and fish used is halal so no one is discriminated or left out. They’ve also teamed up with Party With MJ who are medicated cannabis caterers. This means you can get your medicated cocktails to drink along with your food. As well as the drinks, they do medicated food and desserts as well.

Please go and support local businesses and up and coming businesses. Check them out on social media:

By Destiny Crawford-Corri (Editor-in-Chief and Music Editor)

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