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1X1 Studio is a menswear brand made in 2017, renowned for exploring 3D textures and alternate knitting techniques to create a more modern take on the traditional craftsmanship method. The brand is known for working closely with other labels and designers, in order to create a unique feel and aesthetic to each collection. This currently refers to UK based designer Wei Yao Lin. The Taiwanese designer has an in-depth understanding and relationship with appropriate materials and design silhouette, which has been paired with the brands ethics of using recycled materials to create a visually modern and unseen aesthetic. 1X1 wants to modernise and bring knitwear into the 21st century by creating a streetwear label where the use of knitted and woven fabrics is essential to the brand’s production, making it undeniably their staple feature.

The intention of their AW19 collection – ‘Don’t Fly Too Close To The Fun‘ is to project a very futuristic and utopian atmosphere, attempting to portray our dependence on everyday technology as a mass population. There’s also an importance to it regarding sustainability – a reminder for us to recycle material in order to progress in the fashion world, where seasons and a consistent cycle is unavoidable. I think 1X1 Studio portray their backstory extremely effectively and beautifully. By contrasting heavy knitted sweaters with structural futuristic headpieces, the wearer is aware of the difference between the two, but also intrigued by how wonderfully they complement one another. The streetwear pieces mainly retain a very relaxed silhouettes, including pieces such as casual trousers, and coats. The colour palette is predominantly stone colours, contrasted with hints of soft blues and lime greens. Lurex shines alluding to a futuristic and enticing surface. These materials are presented on the pieces in intriguing patterns and shapes, elevating the simple silhouettes from being mundane knitwear pieces, to detailed works of art. I will admit, some of looks are underwhelming, but the headwear and eyewear really finished off each outfit, showing us a realised vision and projecting fashion into a more modern perspective.

The standout piece for me is a navy turtleneck sweater, appliquéd with incorporated 3D shapes on the surface, reinforcing the significance of texture throughout the collection. Lurex is introduced subtly into the weaving of the knitwear, gently glimmering through and adding to the futuristic aspect. Swirls and striped patterns were paired with the lurex to create a completely new and refreshing appearance. Accessories such as hats, reflective sunglasses and structural headpieces were made of technological parts.

Considering 1X1 is originally a menswear brand, it’s surprising to see a few womenswear pieces thrown in there. The 3D shaped sweater mentioned earlier, as well as a loosely fitting blouse and patterned skirt, were worn by female models down the catwalk, breaking away from the brand’s comfort zone – an exciting moment to see. I applaud the brand for many things shown in this collection, a futuristic aesthetic achieved. I can see this brand soaring in the streetwear market. It stays relevant to what is popular at present, whilst retaining their brands ethics and aesthetics.

Words By Ava Frances J

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