Umek ~ Brethren Review

I’ve known about Slovenian born euro Umek since 1999 and have watched and listened to his sound evolve along with associated labels. Recycled loops and 1605 develop, change and move backwards and forwards from loopy musical melodic tech-house to deep techno to really sparse and quite banging minimal dance floor techno and back again. This track is a big slice of very artisan stadium, festival and big room nightclub peak time dance floor techno; very pretty and very anthemic. ‘Brethren‘ is the main track on the single but it also features two other songs and was dropped via Filth On Acid. The drops and builds are really subtle. The main body of the track is full of uplifting drama and baroque esque synth lines that give it a great sense of density and shuffle along next to glorious punchy kick drums.

It’s far from obvious and retains a sense of mystery and mystique throughout the whole track and the underlining current of bass is wonderful next to analogue and digital sublime badness. Pure quality if not stunning in places and an essential piece of listening/dancing to. Fans of Adam Beyer, Pan Pot, Joseph Capriati and the current wave of contemporary, modern, intelligent European techno producers and djs will absolutely love this too. Absolutely wicked!

Written By ~ Gavin Black

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