Fluffy Like We’re Feathery – 2019 Brow Trend

Brows have more or less always defined an era. Whether it’s the doll-like definition from the 20s or the thin acuteness of the 90s, brow makeup is a beauty statement within itself. So it comes as no surprise that another year has brought upon another brow trend. The feathery brow was seen all over social media as the makeup challenge of 2017/18. Noted on catwalks and in editorials towards the end of 2018, this craze has now blown up to become a definitive part of 2019.

MUA – Isabelle De Vries

Beauty enthusiasts are finally trading in dark concealed Kardashian-esque brows for a more natural look. The hidden gem of this trend means you can play around and experiment, giving you the freedom of either sculpting and slicking them down, growing them out and letting them become wild and ‘unruly’. Or even maybe bleaching them completely for an e-aesthetic!

MUA – @ruthiebarone

So why are we finally letting go of sharp precision brows? 2017 and the first half of 2018 was the connotation of perfect Instagram makeup, popularised by the utilisation of face contouring, smokey eyes and a ton of blinding highlighter. So why are we trading it in? Well maybe it’s because to do a full face of guru glam-style makeup, it takes time. Opting in for something naturalistic is not only less bothersome, it also leaves you looking more fresh-faced and youthful. The contrast between a face with winged liner and a bold lip paired with the unkempt brows creates an effortless but well-constructed appearance. It also represents a raw kind of beauty, with friendly reminders being spread across social media to celebrate your imperfections and flaws.

MUA – @nikki_makeup

Every aspect of the fashion world is veering towards high end and luxury, so it’s no eyebrow raise that beauty would follow suit. Fashion makeup has always been renowned for being avant-garde and its general ‘unwearablility’. With the rise of your everyday consumers strutting around in designer, it makes sense for makeup trends to reflect. Beauty trends are replicating what’s seen on the catwalk and ultimately giving makeup wearers a high fashion look.

Unfortunately this trend only really works for those with naturally thick brows, however there are many tips and tricks to be found across the internet that can help you achieve the appearance of fuller healthier-looking brows.

MUA – @dryaedis

Words By Charis Crawford Corri

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