“More Is More” – Jayne Pierson AW19

I wasn’t aware of Welsh designer Jayne Pierson until I saw her AW19 collection, but from the moment I joined the very long queue for her show, I knew that these would be the designs that speak to me. It was interesting for me to see how the fashion tribes would show their differences through those they queued for, and the vibe of the line for Jayne Pierson was decidedly maximal: floral suits, floor length rainbow knitted coats, fashion-forward pattern clashing, and a lot of pastel fake fur. I was dressed that day in an outfit I considered “extra” – a red faux fur Moschino x H&M coat tangled in gold chains, gold rainbow platform-sole sneakers, and a multicolour Gautier animal print dress. But compared to this queue, I felt like I was in a t-shirt and jeans.

The fans of the designer turned out to be the perfect preview to a collection that held nothing back. An unashamedly pop soundtrack of catchy tracks from Pulp and The Cure, gave a nod to 80s and 90s influences present in this collection. It also set the tone for garments that looked perfect to get noticed having a long-messy-night-of-fun-in, whilst still looking utterly glamorous. Colours were bright, patterns were bold, sequins and feathers especially were in abundance.

There was nothing remotely practical about any of it, which made me totally fall in love with all of it. A broad shouldered, bum revealing scarlet-feathered dress had so much sass, I nearly took the runway away with it! I read afterwards that Pierson is a designer who often designs clothes for actors and artists, and seeing this collection, this made perfect sense. I can imagine these looks taking over the red carpet, and instantly generng lots of column coverage.

The biggest highlight was an outfit that I only now realised I very much need in my life: a form-fitting silver, sequinned bodysuit with a long feather boa falling off one shoulder. It was magical, decadent, with a very strong vibe of disco futurism. More is more has rarely looked better.

Words By Paula Varjack

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