Nebbity: From Depop To Cult Entity

Here in the South East, there’s something special about living in the UK. There’s something about the way we’re dressed that differentiates from how people from even other parts of the UK do. Jenna Hughes – Founder & Designer of independent brand – Nebbity encapsulates this.


Nebbity is a kaleidoscope of velvet and cuteness. Producing a variety of solely handmade garments from skirts to 2-piece sets, their clothing is designed for the current youth. You can find a spectrum of colours within their creations, ranging from soft pastels to richer hues. Selling a good mix of form-fitting and A-line silhouettes, Nebbity offers both ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces.

Essentially specialising in festivalwear, I can see many of their creations being transformed into wearable everyday staples. Nebbity is the type of brand that would be ‘ex-squat ravers‘ wet dream – they have their solid market. Living in London, I know for sure there’d be a lot of females (more so in the streetwear community) who would sport their boob tubes with wide leg utility jeans and TNs.

Reaching for that 90s/y2k aesthetic, Nebbity pay homage to many millennial icons such as Baby Spice, Paris Hilton, and of course – Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Originally starting out on Depop, Hughes‘ designs always stood out to me over the other sellers’. I can’t explain why they did – Nebbity just have this fun theme running through the brand that instantly brings waves of playful nostalgia.


Catering to sizes 4-14, what I like most about this brand is its consideration for those with smaller waistlines. Hughes claimed in an interview that despite being slim, she hard to buy clothes from high-street retailers that fit her waist. I can completely relate to this. Being a woman with hips at 10″+ bigger than my waist, it’s not always the easiest to find that ‘perfect‘ fit. Hughes designs her waistbands to be fitted, eliminating the infamous and annoying gaping you get at the back of bottoms. She also offers ‘petite‘ and ‘tall‘ options in trouser inseams, accommodating to a variety of leg lengths. And this is why we celebrate female-owned businesses in the industry. They have an advantage, because they’re women who know what we want, how our bodies work and actually look.

Frequently dropping new lines, Nebbity stay relevant through their social media presence which allows them as a company to stay connected to their global customer base, as well as keeping an eye on what’s happening in the fashion world around them. They are not fast-fashion: the handmade aspect is always refreshing and a personal preference over the mass production of the high-street and high fashion. Prices airing on what some may consider the pricier side, you get what you pay for – quality that is unique, trendy and promotes sustainability.

Maybe I’m biased because I would wear their collections over and beyond writing about them, but I wish Nebbity had more clout. They are far from slept on; Nebbity are more than known in certain circles, just not hyped about enough. Hughes is the type of designer I can imagine in 2 years trading on Dollskill, and doing partnerships with similar cult brand – Sugarthrillz.

There’s something about Nebbity – something rather authentically special…that goes beyond the smell of Boomtown.

Words By Charis Crawford Corri – Fashion Director

*All images are sourced from Nebbity’s official website and Instagram account. We are not responsible for the source of the images beyond these entities. Ragged Culture Publishing Ltd does not own copyright to these images. All rights reserved.*

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